Triceradvice 4 & 5

reader asks:
“Should I buy a Mac or a PC?” Stephen William Jobgates

Honestly I have no idea what you are talking about Stephen. What is any of that supposed to mean? Where is the context for your question? I can’t make head nor tail out of this. Are you a t-rex by any chance? Have you got your feathers all in a twist because you couldn’t climb a tree and a nut fell on your head?

A reader asks:
“Apologies for my last question. I meant ’should I buy a macaroni pizza or a pepperoni and cheese pizza’. In my town we call those Mac and PC. I should have realised that those names are just a local thing. Anyway, I bought a Chromebook which is what we call a bubble-and-squeak calzone in this county.” Stephen William Jobgates

Thanks for the clarification Stephen and apologies for my intemperate reply. Please also accept my apologies for rampaging over to your house, trampling your flowerbeds and eating your hedge.

To return to your original question, I would recommend the “Mangel-Wurzel Surprise” pizza. The surprise is that it is just mangel-wurzels and no pizza.