So nothing to see here for a couple of weeks. I’ll be in the Himalayas and I’m leaving the blog parked in the garage* (Sunday Beer posts have been pre-drunk and scheduled to post on autopilot). If I can get wi-fi I’ll send a photo of a yak.

[*”gah-rahjj” or “garidge” depending on who says it]

10 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Enjoy the Himalayas! We’re looking forward to yak photos.

    BTW, when you get Wi-Fi, you might want to check the blog, since it is looking somewhat suspicious.


    1. For what it’s worth, the best wi-fi we had there was at the Snow Lion Resort in Guilin. Noticeably better than Beijing or Chengdu. Maybe Shanghai was as good—it came later in the trip, and I may have stopped noticing by then.


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