Star Trek Discovery: Such Sweet Sorrow (S2E13)

Lots of tearful goodbyes as Discovery Season 2 boldly spins it wheels where no show has spun its wheels before. Not a lot happens but what does is dripping in significance and/or red herrings. Fans of the ‘Short Trek’ mini-episodes will find their pre-series watching rewarded also.

But there’s not much I can say without spoilers so don’t go past the fold:

Nobody will be too astonished that last week’s tease that they were about to blow up the Discovery does not come to past. As that was the only exciting moment in episode 12, I think we can officially write it off altogether.

The sphere-archive-data protects itself and prevents the Discovery blowing itself up or being blown up by the Enterprise. After another red signal, the existence of an unused plot macguffin (the time crystal from Klingon Hogwarts) and the return of a character from the Short Trek Runaway, a different plan is hatched. Michael dons a Rick & Morty outfit and in a tribute to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock declares in her best Christopher Lloyd impression “We are going BACK TO THE FUTURE!”*

But seriously, this really is an episode of goodbyes. Apparently, Discovery will have a third season but this felt like a show saying goodbye to itself. The personal relationship plot lines were not resolved exactly but they were given some degree of closure. The bridge crew each got some degree of acknowledgement as if the show was aware how under served they had been.

The plan is simply to take Discovery so far into the future that the evil AI Control cannot find the sphere data. That will still leave the Enterprise with the problem of the nano-virus infected Section 21 but presumably would prevent the more apocalyptic outcomes we’ve seen or maybe retro-actively prevent Control ever existing in some sort of time-paradox? I suspect the writers haven’t thought all that through.

Season 2 has seen the show rectify many of its errors from season 1 in a manner that almost mirrors Michael’s own journey. Of course one of those errors was having Discovery be a prequel in the first place. The restrictions that places on the show as it bumps and jostles with existing canon has been apparent from the start. So does this new plan suggest a new setting for Discovery? I suspected this near the end of Season 1 also, wondering if the return from the mirror universe might land Discovery somewhere more interesting than the classic Star Trek timeline.

The spoiler in that scenario is that Spock is on board with the other volunteers. So we will have to wait until episode 14 to find out. As it happens I’ll be somewhere very remote next week, so I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see what happens.

*[Or at least it would have been much better if it had all happened like that.]


  1. An Obol for Charon (e4) – Classic Trek on a magic mushroom trip
  2. Point of Light (e3) – season one Discovery is back for revenge
  3. Brother (e1) – an action orientated fresh start for the Discovery crew
  4. Perpetual Infinity (e11) – Mistakes were made, repeatedly
  5. The Red Angel (e10) – the cast gets an episode to catch up with the plot and trap the Red Angel
  6. If Memory Serves (e8) – A sequel to The Cage and a prequel to The Menagerie
  7. New Eden (e2) – The Next Generation of The Next Generation
  8. Saints of Imperfection (e5) – Let’s get the old gang back together!
  9. Project Daedelus (e9) – Airiam we will miss you, though we barely got to know you
  10. Light and Shadow (e7) – Michael goes one way, Discovery goes another
  11. Such Sweet Sorrow (e13) – Morty, do you know what “wubba lubba dub dub” means?
  12. Sound of Thunder (e6) – Non-consensual medical procedures on a whole species
  13. Through the Valley of Shadows (e12) – Pike visits Klingon Hogwarts to get a plot coupon

Bits and Pieces

  • Tilly levels are back to normal as she accidentally remembers that she knows the queen of a planet.
  • Stamets tell Culber that he is going to quit Discovery. Later he decides he is going to travel with Discovery into the future. Tyler joins the gang of people who tell Michael they are sticking with her and then explains to Michael that he isn’t. Literally half of this could have been cut.
  • I really have no idea why Georgiou tells Pike that she is from the mirror universe or why Pike winks in return. Wait is PIKE from the mirror universe? Is non-mirror universe Pike some basically appalling person who got replaced by nice-Pike. WHAT’S GOING ON!
  • Michael get’s a vision from the time crystal that is basically the final episode of Blake’s 7. Can we have a reboot of Blake’s 7 with the Discovery cast?
  • “Galactic rubber band” – nice.
  • No review next week as the blog will be down for repairs and refits. Switching off hologram communications, painting the turbo-lift doors red, that sort of stuff.
  • Cora has more details here:

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery: Such Sweet Sorrow (S2E13)

  1. Just watched this on a bus, because Im on the road as well (Hi, Atus!). Yes that was a well done massage of the old tear ducts. At least the future-Disco-short may make sense now.
    So i suspect next week a problem will show up, only Spock and Georgiou can solve together, because they will have to stay on for their respective own shows. The rest will (probably/hopefully) move on to a future universe with less continuity problems.

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  2. This episode was maudlin and overwrought. All these tearful good-byes would have more meaning if the series had taken time to develop relationships between the characters. Instead it made due with really bad soundtrack music.

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