Month: Mar 2019

  • Sunday Beer: The Grapefruit Show

    Not actually grapefruit flavoured but it did have a fruity taste.

  • Potato Crisp Magic System

    I do like an over elaborate fantasy magic system where powers (and the characters of the people deploying them) are tied to some other phenomenon or system of classification. Of course elements and colours and everything has been done but what about…potato crisp (aka chip) flavours? No, I thought not. I’ve found many articles on […]

  • Review: Sorry to Bother You (2018)

    I had been keen to see this film since the first review I’d read of it but if it ever had an Australian release I never saw it advertised. Written and directed by Boots Riley, the film follows it’s own pace and heads off in its own direction with all the confidence of a disturbing […]

  • Star Trek Discovery: Perpetual Infinity (S2E11)

    No major twists this week but the episode takes a similar pace as last week’s episode. This steadier pacing of episode is letting the actors play to the their strengths. Sonequa Martin-Green has always been one of the strongest assets of the show and has coped brilliantly with some of the absurd situations the script […]

  • Today’s junk food: Spag Bol flavoured crisps

    Today I throw my body in the front of impending danger and take all the damage that would otherwise have inflected on you dear readers by eating thinly sliced starch covered in fats and salt. Specifically Smith’s Spag Bol flavoured “chips” (as they are uncouthly referred to in Australia*) Disappointing really. I was hoping for […]

  • The Gun Lobby

    The big story in Australia currently is the undercover video of senior members of the far right anti-immigration party One Nation attempting to gain money from pro-gun lobbyists. In a distinctly Australian twist, their defense has been that they were drunk at the time: I was a bit wary of the story initially, as […]

  • Tim’s Signs of the Zodiac

    March 21 to April 21: You are Assertive Sheep. You are a sheep but very assertive…for a sheep. You catchphrase is ‘bah’. You follow the rest of your flock but under protest and you are happy to explain to everybody why the flock is going in the wrong direction.’ April 21 to May 21: You […]

  • A quick voyage around the puppy seas to look at the Mueller report

    I haven’t written much about the Mueller report prior to this post (indeed pretty much nothing ) and I liked Alexandra Erin’s analysis of all such investigation and thoughts about impeachment: the best option for getting rid of Trump is the next election and always has been. That doesn’t mean investigations or even possible […]

  • Timothy & The Genre Police

    [Scene: The former Bortsworth Tea Room which has recently been refurbished as the BEAN!BEAN!BOOM! Coffee Salon. Timothy the Talking Cat is putting the finishing touches to his latest masterpiece.] [Barista] Here you go, your single-origin extra-froth lactose-free frappelatteccino with fish pellet sprinkles. [Timothy] Than you my good sir, could you please decant it into this […]

  • Sunday Beer: “The Chop” IPA & “The Dawn” Double NEIPA

    Two beers in one photo as I have to drown my sorrows after the NSW election.