The Dragon Prince Season 2

I reviewed the first “book” of this animated series here. The main thing to note about season 2 is that paired with the first season, there is a more substantial story. With now 18 episodes in total, there is a more rounded feel to the characters and better immersion into the world.

Season 2 also has a slightly different story-telling pace. Season 1 split between two halves: the first doing a lot of backstory, world-building and setting up the stakes and characters and the second being more episodic. Season 2 has fewer events and let’s the the story follow it’s own logic more.

Aside from that, the basic qualities of the show is the same. A relatively conventional fantasy setting (elves, dragons, magic-systems) but with more diverse characters and a rejection of some plot cliches (the younger of the two brothers is the heir to throne, the brothers are nice to each other and aren’t rivals, the antagonists are sort-of nice people trying to do their best). It’s a very anti-cynical show, which is nice. There is a possible big-bad introduced to the story now but mainly the conflicts have been established by people believing they are acting for the best, while not recognizing the needs or beliefs of others.

A charming, very kid friendly fantasy with enough dark moments to give the story some bite.

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  1. I binged both seasons last week. I’m enjoying it as a very easy piece of braincandy. I think 9 episodes per season is a good amount – it’s enough that they can get an engaging story arc across but not so much that they’re having to pad out a too-long episode count with crappy filler episodes.

    [spoilers ahoy]

    I think the aspect I like most at the moment is the dark magic and how it’s increasingly led Viren down a darker path. The more he exerts his power and influence, the more twisted his motives become. I’m wondering if something similar might start to happen with Claudia (as we’ve already seen the physical side of the transformation – her hair beginning to turn white under the stresses of using so much magic, plus the other more obvious and so-far temporary transformations that dark magic causes.)

    I’m also idly wondering if perhaps the humans and elves are more related than they realise – perhaps elves are descended from humans who learned elemental magic from dragons in the distant past, and the act of using magic manifests the physical differences between the modern humans and elves in Xadia. We see temporary transformations from dark magic, after all, so it wouldn’t be very shocking if the act of using elemental magic affects the users in a similar manner, particularly over generations.

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