Sunday Beer: Golden Spiral Fibonacci Hopped Ale

I had some Garage Project beers in Wellington last year and I’ve found a source for them in Australia now. Here’s a gimmicky beer which claims to use the Fibonacci sequence somehow. I only drank one. If I had drunk another one, I would then have to drink two more, then three more, then five more. Soon I’d spiral out of control.


5 responses to “Sunday Beer: Golden Spiral Fibonacci Hopped Ale”

  1. They had an enormous amount of different beers, as I can recall, but were quite expensive. Ny self, I will strike a lance for the Tasmanian chili beer Dark & Stormy. Really nice

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  2. Its easy to get good craft in Oz, but like Camestros says – its very pricey. I think this is partly due to taxation as typically a better tasting beer has higher alcohol content and gets taxed accordingly.

    Re variety if either of you are in South Australia I’d recommend checking out the “Great Wall of Beer” here for outstanding variety. A good place to visit prior to a Eurovision Party to get representative beers from (most of) the competing nations. We have a tradition at my place that you pull a beer out “lucky dip” style and have to support the nation that beer comes from for Eurovision.


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