A new record in grandiose alt-right plans collapsing

Vox Day’s alternative to Twitter has died unmourned having not even lasted long enough for me to write a post about it or give it a silly name. http://voxday.blogspot.com/2019/02/another-curve-ball.html

“I’m sorry to have to inform everyone that SocialGalactic 1.0 has gone down for the count. By which I mean that we are permanently pulling the plug on this particular form of it.”

A swift merciful death when compared to Voxopedia which continues to corner the market in trasnphobia, conspiracy theories and surprisingly comprehensive Englbert Humpedinck discography.

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  1. It’s unbelievable to me that two residents of the EU who profess to be technologists with “connections at Google” would completely miss the GDPR compliance requirement.

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    • Hell, I found it amusing that he was more or less boasting about it for awhile. Because of course he would.


  2. Even as a vanity project it would cost too much and require too much work. His cut-rate Wikipedia fork has to be generating most of its traffic from web crawlers and the handful of editors still left. A social media site, even a pathetic and awful one, is going to generate actual traffic and actual server load and require actual architects, admins and coders, and that doesn’t even get into regulatory requirements as Ryan pointed out.

    I suspect he realized he’d have to hire people to work on this.


  3. His Wikipedia fork has gotten some mileage by being included as one of the prepopulated search options in Brave, a mobile browser that’s gotten some attention from privacy or cryptocurrency fans (as well as being a pet project of Brendan Eich, formerly of Mozilla)

    Here’s the source code snippet that includes it: https://github.com/brave/brave-core/blob/8fcafdf77734828ebbccca494c7560b8fa888884/components/search_engines/brave_prepopulated_engines.cc#L99

    It’s a bit odd to see it alongside various better-known search engines and commercial and cultural websites, but there you go.

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    • Eich: After Twitter noticed this, Brendan Eich made a tweet a few hours ago:

      “We added a bunch of ‘search engines’ in 2016 based on suggestions from early staff & adopters. We’re removing all but a few real search engines now. This one was supposed to be a better fork of wikipedia. Sorry for not running a tighter ship.”

      The original pull request to add it is from him (see https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/5475 ) but whatever. We’ll see how the set changes and how quickly.

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