Month: Feb 2019

  • It’s worth talking about LMBPN publishing when talking about the Nebula nominees

    Over the past few days the conversation has been focused on the author self-help group 20booksto50K in connection with some interesting Nebula Award finalists (if you are a late arrival just read Cora’s round-up here: ). However, there’s a different way of looking at the 20booksto50K related finalists — by common publisher. LMBPN Publishing […]

  • Wow, the Dragon Award website has been updated!

    There’s now a nomination button that works and the front page invites you to nominate. Also the dates are largely right. True the ‘register to vote page’ still says “Welcome to the third annual Dragon Awards!” but baby steps. Anyway, any passing 20booksto50K authors dropping buy, the Dragons are fine with active campaigning, slates […]

  • Just a note on the spam filter

    For a few weeks now I’ve been getting literally thousands of spam comments on a single Doctor Who post. Because sometimes legitimate comments end up in the spam, I’ve shifted the very specific spam I’m getting to that post into the Trash filter instead of the Spam filter. Even so, I used to be able […]

  • Nebula Shorts: Rhett C. Bruno – “Interview for the End of the World”

    First cab off the rank for the Nebula finalist short stories is “Interview for the End of the World”. The story is a spin off from Bruno’s “Titan’s Children” book series and acts as a kind of origin/backstory to the setting of those stories, describing events that led to establishment of a human colony on […]

  • Next few days are Nebula Shorts Days!

    Yes, I’ll be posting a review a day of each of the Nebula Short Story finalists. Using JJ’s helpful File770 post and some minor wrangling to get the none free-stuff, I have each of the stories: “Interview for the End of the World” by Rhett C. Bruno (Bridge Across the Stars) (EPUB / MOBI/ PDF) […]

  • The end of Pell

    The most senior Australian Catholic and one of the most senior officials of the Catholic Church globally, George Pell was found guilty of child sexual assault. Pell has been not only a strongly reactionary figure within Catholicism but also in Australian politics. A friend of former PM Tony Abbott, his willingness to lecture the nation […]

  • The Dragon Prince Season 2

    I reviewed the first “book” of this animated series here. The main thing to note about season 2 is that paired with the first season, there is a more substantial story. With now 18 episodes in total, there is a more rounded feel to the characters and better immersion into the world. Season 2 also […]

  • Sunday Beer: 1 Ton of Christmas

    Unseasonal I suppose and geographically confused. Is it Danish? Belgian? The tiny label isn’t clear.

  • Just an additional note on the 20booksto50K Nebula not-a-slate

    This is more for completeness and general curiosity. An earlier post on the same Facebook group was posted in November last year: “Jonathan Brazee shared a link. 16 November 2018 SFWA MEMBERS (Associate and Active) (Message approved by Craig) Nominations are now open for the Nebulas. You can nominate five in each category. Indies have […]

  • Discovery: Sound of Thunder S2:E6

    Last week Cora noted that once you thought about the episode it all fell apart. This week the fragility of the story is even more manifest. If you shut down any thought of the moral, social and political implications of what happens and just sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s not at all bad. […]