The Punisher Season 2: or it’s probably for the best that Marvel Netflix is winding down

I started writing a review of the latest season of Netflix’s gritty collection of Marvel characters and realised I had very little new to say. The show was compelling enough that I pretty much watched it in three parts (aided by being on a work trip and stuck in a hotel with good wi-fi). The thing is I could now write a generic review and just paste it here each time. It would go like this:

Season N of YYYY is available on Netflix. YYYY has tried to walk away from their life as a crime fighting vigilante but events conspire to bring them back into the life of violence they had rejected.

As always the acting is excellent with the lead actor bringing real depth to the role of YYYY. The pacing between introspection and violent, highly choreographed fight-scenes remains good but overall the plot would not have suffered from losing a couple of episodes. Like last season, there’s a sense that the show is trying to say something but in reality it is too mired in its own dubious ethical stance that hitting people is an effective solution to complex problems.

Well produced, well acted and with exciting fight scenes but stuck with a problem that YYYY objectively does more harm than good.

This time Frank Castle has to face two threats. One is his old buddy Billy Russo who is recovering from amnesia and horrific injuries from Season 1. The second is a mysterious hit-man/enforcer who dresses like a modern day puritan but appears to be a former neo-Nazi. Lots of people get hurt in the process.

If you enjoyed the first outing then I can’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this one but the beats and the structure of the whole thing feels very familiar. The bad guys get semi-sympathetic arcs (again, a recurring approach in each of the Marvel Netflix series) and the hero isn’t so very different from the people they fight.

The thing is, I’m not sure I’d bother with a third season if one was made. I’m not interested in watching something that feels like the same thing again. Collectively there’s been thirteen seasons of these shows and there’s one more Jessica Jones in the pipeline. Thinking of them as a single TV show, that’s already a very lengthy run and it’s less surprising that I’ve started getting plot points confused between them.

Still, I wouldn’t mind a final Defenders 2 to wrap the whole thing up :).


One thought on “The Punisher Season 2: or it’s probably for the best that Marvel Netflix is winding down”

  1. “Still, I wouldn’t mind a final Defenders 2 to wrap the whole thing up ”

    Neither would I. But it seems unlikely. Strangely I thought the first seasons of every character was made for the defenders series (IIRC it was marketet that way?) and now the defenders were like a special treat.

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