Hugo Nominations are open!

Emails from the Dublin Worldcon have started arriving in people’s in-boxes. No sooner had I wondered “where’s mine?” than it appeared. More coverage at File770

As always there are lots of resources available:

  • Lady Buisness Hugo spreadsheet: here
  • The Hugo Award Nominees Wikia: here
  • File770 reader’s favourite SF: here
  • Rocket Stack Rank’s Year to Date list for 2018: here
  • Cat Rambo’s compilation of eligibility posts: here

[ETA: forgot to add Cat’s compilation of eligibility posts.]

9 thoughts on “Hugo Nominations are open!

  1. Got mine this morning and promptly added one thing I’m sure of to test it out — all good! Very pleased to see they seem to be using the system Helsinki did, instead of the one San Jose and others used.

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