Month: Jan 2019

  • Shock billionaire spoiler candidate enters presidential race

    Timothy the Talking Cat, billionaire CEO of publishing multinational “Cattimothy House” entered the 2020 Presidential fray, with a shock announcement on Tuesday. At a book launch in Borstworth Library, the outspoken cat and business guru laid out his vision for a new kind of US President. While discussing his new book I’m So Rich I’d […]

  • The Punisher Season 2: or it’s probably for the best that Marvel Netflix is winding down

    I started writing a review of the latest season of Netflix’s gritty collection of Marvel characters and realised I had very little new to say. The show was compelling enough that I pretty much watched it in three parts (aided by being on a work trip and stuck in a hotel with good wi-fi). The […]

  • Sunday Beer: Hellbender

    From The Garage Project in New Zealand. Tastes like a blow to the back of your head.

  • The Right would rather men died than admit any flaws in masculinity

    I shouldn’t read Quillette. For those unfamiliar with the Australian/International online magazine, it is part of that genre of modern political thought that could be called anti-left contrarianism, that covers various soughs from Steven Pinker to Jordan Peterson. Its stock style of article is shallowness dressed up as depth, utilizing the same style of misrepresentation […]

  • We now go live to the rescheduled State of the Union address

  • Discovery: New Eden

    Discovery decides to play it safe with an episode that’s so The Next Generation that it needs Commander Riker to direct it. The mystery of the red signals leads Discovery to the Beta quadrant via a quick use of the spore drive. There they discover a colony of humans from pre-warp Earth. Meanwhile in orbit, […]

  • War of the Worlds – as explained by Timothy the Talking Cat

    England: the late nineteenth century! The heart of a massive planet straddling empire! In the genteel Home Counties, the English middle classes need fear nothing. Well obviously they should fear that within a few years Britain will be drawn into an horrific European war whose impact will spread to all parts of the world as […]

  • A portrait of a media story: a satire

    During the Republican Party nomination process, Donald Trump infamously boasted that he could shoot somebody on New York’s Fifth Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any voters. I was struck by shifting narratives over the past couple of days how that would play out. Imagine if Donald Trump did shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue? The first […]

  • Speaking of movies we didn’t need…

    “The Predator” managed to restore my faith in personal cynicism about redundant sequels/spin-offs. This sequel to numerous other Predator films appears to have been assembled from bits and pieces of other films in a way to make the film as derivative as possible. Now when I say ‘derivative’ I don’t mean that it is far […]

  • Currently Listening To: How Long to Black Future Month by N.K.Jemisin

    I got this short story collection on audio book for a trip because my Kindle isn’t working. So far I’ve only listened to the introduction and I’m regretting not having a text version because there are some excellently quotable things there.

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