Panic Blob time!

It’s OK, I didn’t forget to get a Worldcon membership before the voting eligibility deadline but Bob the Panic Blob hasn’t had an outing in awhile.

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  1. I love panic blob.

    I’ve had a membership for the Dublin WorldCon since the day the site selection results were announced, but today I decided that I’m done waiting whether Brexit will cause complete and utter chaos or only a small amount thereof in Northern Ireland and decided to buy a membership for Eurocon/Titancon in Belfast the weekend after WorldCon. Only to find that the membership part of the Eurocon/Titancon page was down for maintenance.

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    • I started by giving myself a false alarm — I soon remembered San Jose would qualify me to nominate. But knowing me, I dared not put off buying a supporting membership again lest I miss the emails I’ll need to vote on the finals. So Panic Blob still did me a service.

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  2. This seems like as good a place as any to note that Voxopedia’s resident British homo/transphobe has branched out into… British Imperial nostalgia and India bashing.

    Because of course they have.

    Oh, yes and one of the two conspiracy nuts has returned and has been afflicting the site with hideous wikibox formats that don’t work on subject nobody but him will ever post in.

    Still, there’s somebody posting a lot about Korean film, to go with the Engelbert Humperdinck fanatic in “Stuff that’s only on Voxopedia that isn’t awful” box.

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  3. I’m not getting a Dublin membership, as I can’t go and Supporting is something I can’t justify the expense of, but I do get to nominate thanks to my San Jose membership.

    It’s actually kind of a relief. I’ve had to read All The Things since 2011 and a year or two off will probably be good for me. I’ll get a membership again if DC wins.

    Everyone except us is going to Dublin. 😦 We shall be feeding credentials and bringing in mail.


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