An actual case of [voter] election* fraud in the US?

I’ve made several post now about how the evidence for wide scale voter fraud of any serious impact is rare. However, there does seem to be a serious case in North Carolina:

‘Enough confusion has clouded a North Carolina congressional race that the state’s board of elections has announced a delay in certifying that Republican Mark Harris defeated Democrat Dan McCready in the state’s 9th District because of “claims of irregularities and fraudulent activities.”‘

“In October, during the final stretch of the congressional election in North Carolina’s Ninth District—one of the most tightly contested House races in the nation—Datesha Montgomery opened her door, in Bladen County, to find a young woman who explained that she was collecting absentee ballots. “I filled out two names on the ballot—Hakeem Brown for Sheriff and Vince Rozier for board of education,” Montgomery wrote in an affidavit. Under North Carolina law, only voters themselves are allowed to handle or turn in their ballots, but the woman at Montgomery’s door “stated the [other races] were not important.” Montgomery added, “I gave her the ballot and she said she would finish it herself. I signed the ballot and she left. It was not sealed up at any time.” are apparently numerous anecdotes like that surrounding the Republican (surprise, surprise) candidate. However, as well as this anecdotal evidence there are numerical inconsistencies:

“In Bladen and Robeson Counties, Bitzer found that Harris won an unusually high share of mail-in absentee-ballot votes. Bladen was the only county where the Republican prevailed in the mail-in absentee vote, winning sixty-one per cent of the votes from mail-in ballots—despite registered Republicans accounting for only nineteen per cent of the county’s returned absentee ballots. To achieve that margin, Harris would have needed to win not only all of the Republican ballots, but almost every single mail-in vote from Independents, as well as a significant number of votes from crossover Democrats.”

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It looks like the Republican Primary earlier in the year may have been tainted as well.

There’s an analysis of some of the numbers here that is well worth looking at:

Noticeably, the many right-leaning sources of panic about voter fraud are oddly quite about this North Carolina case even though it would appear to be one of the few credible instances of large scale fraud having a significant impact on a result.

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5 responses to “An actual case of [voter] election* fraud in the US?”

  1. This is electoral fraud you’re describing. Voter fraud is some renegade voter. Electoral fraud is systematic deception of voters at an institutional level—with the institution in this case being the Grand Old Party. I’d urge against calling this by the wrong name, lest it feed into the Republican narrative.

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    • “I’d urge against calling this by the wrong name, lest it feed into the Republican narrative.”

      What Kip said. There’s a huge difference between malfeasance by the individual voter and attempts to coopt the voter’s ballot.

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  2. Yeah, it’s not voter fraud; it’s voter suppression, of which we had an enormous amount this mid-term election, especially in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia — three states where Republicans are trying to dig in against blue waves and non-white voters. And now we have three states in which Republicans lost their key seats — Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina again — where they are trying to unconstitutionally limit the power of the governor, district attorney and various offices that are going to be filled with Democrats in January before the new session comes in. North Carolina also tried this in 2016.

    There was always the gerrymandering and suspicious activity, but the Republican party has just become out and out willfully corrupt about trying to control elections with voter suppression tactics. They don’t have anything else because they’ve made themselves the party of white supremacists and rich people’s tax breaks. Only about 25-30% of the electorate at most supports them and some of those are turning away. They’ve been very effective at blocking and negating the rest and getting control of state houses, but they are losing that, so they’re just trying to rig and discount anything they can rig and discount.

    We do have tiny amounts of voter fraud, some of it by Republican voters trying to affect elections, but most of it is just people messing up accidentally and sometimes being misled by confusing information. Usually it’s just corrected and in some cases you’d pay a fine, maybe get community service. But in a few cases of non-white voters messing up, the Republicans are throwing them in jail, trying to destroy their lives, use them as slave labor in prison and take away their right to vote permanently (since they tend to vote for Democrats.) And in the few cases where permanent residents think they can vote and do illegally, they will also throw the non-white ones in jail because it helps their claims that there is massive voter fraud occurring (all funded by George Soros and all of it imaginary.) A woman in Texas just got eight years in jail for that one, which is ridiculous.

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  3. Election fraud is the name, and every new detail makes it worse. And apparently Harris’ campaign used the same techniques to win the R primary. They need to do a do-over of the R primary, as well as the general election.

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