Month: Dec 2018

  • And another very hoppy new year

    Rye Orange New England IPA

  • Happy New Beer’s Eve:

  • Panic Blob time!

    It’s OK, I didn’t forget to get a Worldcon membership before the voting eligibility deadline but Bob the Panic Blob hasn’t had an outing in awhile.

  • Review: Vice (2018)

    There has been an ongoing debate among critics of the George W Bush presidency: was George W as malicious as his government or was he just a naive puppet? Adam McKay’s film is unambiguous on this question: Bush was a puppet and a secondary figure in and administration that had seen a shift in power […]

  • Sunday Lemonade? Pea Blossom Lemonade

    It was in the craft beer fridge so I drank it: the Camestros story. It was nice, I’m just not sure what it was.

  • Reading Molyneux So You Don’t Have to: Ethics

    Molyneux not only doesn’t have a distinct philosophy of truth or metaphysics or theology but he doesn’t have a sufficient grasp of the these topics to see that he doesn’t have one. I’m not sure his grasp of ethics is much better but he does have his own brand of ethics. It has a name […]

  • Rewatching Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

    [Content warning: murder of a child] I decided to re-watch this classic film because of a joke I’d made on Twitter about it being a Christmas movie. It isn’t set at Christmas but there is snow and travellers from the East. I’d also forgotten that it was directed by Sidney Lumet, a director I associate […]

  • Cyborg Elon Musk Terrorising Brisbane

    People are telling me that they don’t recall this news item from 2018 eluded to in the last post. Here’s photographic evidence.

  • And now a message from the Queen to her commonwealth

    [We now cut to a live broadcast from Buckingham Palace or maybe Windsor Castle. Somewhere like that anyhoo.] Twenty eighteen has been a year of centenaries. The Royal Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary with a memorable fly-past demonstrating a thrilling unity of purpose and execution. We owe them and all our Armed Services our […]

  • I can sense your envy from waaayyyy over here

    It’s Christmas already here, so time to open presents: Mine! None of that ‘Spirit of Christmas is sharing’ nonsense.