Currently Reading: Swordheart by T Kingfisher

I love Kindle surprises- books on preorder that pop up unexpectedly on your device. I’ve only just started the latest fantasy from everybody’s favourite wombat and the first thing I see is a Rutger Hauer pun 🙂


12 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Swordheart by T Kingfisher

  1. I’m close to the end of Record of a Spaceborn Few and this one is probably next on the queue.


      1. I didn’t hate them but I’m not hungry for another one. If it was a step up I’d be interested because there were some good ideas and some good writing in the first two.


      2. Hmm. I do think it had more breadth and interest than the first two – it’s examining how space travel has changed human society – but it’s still essentially the same style of thing as the first two. I’m a confirmed fan of the series so maybe I’m not the best judge for you here!

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      3. I liked it better than the 2nd one, but then I liked the 1st better than the 2nd. It definitely had more breadth and depth than both of them.

        I haven’t started the new Wombat, but like everyone else, was delighted to see it pop up on the Kindle. Probably read it tonight tucked up in bed, when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep.

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