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This is just me messing about with the Gutenberg editor and seeing what does what. So far I’ve mixed feelings. This is certainly a more flexible editor and it allows for more complex layouts and page design. However, for a blog, the old editor allowed for quicker composition of posts with just a few features.

This is a ‘cover’ block. I’m not sure when I’d use it. It’s for putting text over the top of an image. I guess for ‘inspirational’ quotes?

I can see how this might be nice but it is the sort of stuff that you have to plan for and layout/design choices are a great way to not write anything. Lots of writers use more stripped down writing tools and there is a good argument for separating content generation from content layout. Gutenberg is mixing the two and that means either ignoring these features or getting distracted by them.

That last block was a spacer. I guess it just creates some empty space?

Meh, a button. Just a fancy formatted hyperlink. What I’d like is to run Javascript on my page and have buttons that do stuff.

But how about columns? Text organised into columns could be kind of cool if I can work out how they join together? I don’t think the text spills over from one column to the next.

I think they operate more like separate text boxes. Yet why am I going to do this? Perhaps to present too contrasting ideas side by side?

I don’t know what this is?

TablesPast issues
Current issues
Oh dear
WordPressHas always been
bad at HTML
FrustratingGiven how much
tabular data
I post!

I often just use list instead. It doesn’t look like tables have got any better, with few controls over their formatting. Shame.

Let’s try out “syntax format highlighter code”

function imageShifter(direction,layer){
var current;
var newPic;
var newUrl;
var newTag;
var arrayLength;
if (direction==2){current=0;}
newTag='<img id="L'+layer+'Url" src="'+newUrl+'" width=25>';
document.getElementById("L"+layer+"Num").innerHTML=current+" ";
I wonder if a block so terse,
Could be made for showing verse?
And if such a block was plain,
Would it's use be in vain?

Nope, don’t know why there is a verse block.

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  1. I do work quite a bit with WP, and what the Guntenberg is aimed at is, as you say, not for content creation, but formatting. people do know how to type, but formatting needs some special knowledge. Gutenberg helps to bridge that gap, for some. For others, well, I still use the classic one.


    • Oh, columns in the web, no, big nopes. That’s for print. Tables though, are inescapable. I use a nice nifty plugin for my tables that makes them simpler and mostly painless: Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table. (and if you need a two column comparison, what you actually mean is a table with two columns, as actual columns would break down in resizing
      (by the way, been following this blog for a while with great pleasure, I just haven’t had the urge, or wherewithal, to comment. There, fixed that)

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  2. As for stripped down writing tools… I still do most of my writing in vi. (Will, vim.) And then use LaTeX for formatting afterwards.

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