Sunday Beer: Guinness!

Nothing fancy today, just ‘draught’ Guinness in a can. BUT it’s a novelty can featuring a 1950s advert.

I guess I’m the tortoise…


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  1. Oh-so-many big fireworks displays here last night, on the Sat leading up to Bonfire Night. I love fireworks.

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  2. I’ve got one of those cans too. I should drink it. Guinness is never “just” in any form.

    Friends went to the brewery and sent me a post card with the toucan saying “G is good for you” in Irish. It went at eye level on the fridge.

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  3. Speaking of being good for you, I always enjoyed the fact that Invalid Stout was a thing. In this case, “invalid” referred to hospital patients. It was a high sugar, low alcohol stout that was supposed to be good for those recovering and trying to get their strength back. Does this still exist in Australia? Carlton & United used to make it.

    I keep thinking that some trendy brewery should bring the style back. Or just use the name. Maybe a non-stout stout would be invalid.

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