Month: Nov 2018

  • Interpersonal skills for technical fields and technical skills for interpersonal fields

    Another reason for reading ex-Puppy leaders is that they say such wonderfully ignorant things while thinking they are saying something clever: in this case a quote from Vox Day. This time he is criticizing calls for improved interpersonal skills in the IT industry. “It would be amusing if technical people began imposing this manifesto of […]

  • More for completeness than for anything else

    I decided to ensure I kept track of re-writings of the Puppy Debarkle by notable Sad Puppy figures for multiple reasons, not least of which is to see how the story would change and morph over time. Now there’s a lengthy account by Sarah Hoyt on her blog and I am going to but a […]

  • Currently Reading: Swordheart by T Kingfisher

    I love Kindle surprises- books on preorder that pop up unexpectedly on your device. I’ve only just started the latest fantasy from everybody’s favourite wombat and the first thing I see is a Rutger Hauer pun 🙂

  • Doctor Who: The Witchfinders

    Is the world ready for gay bad guys? Not that there’s anything new about bad people being coded as gay in popular culture (e.g. Hitchcock’s Rope or Diamonds are Forever) but how about in a more progressive age in a show that’s been accused of being ‘too PC’? Well it’s Alan Cumming and the bad […]

  • Sunday Beer:Petite Noir Cascadian Dark Ale

    A very pleasant drop. Not as heavy as it looks.

  • Telegraph time machine

    This is a follow up to yesterday’s post about digital time travel, My initial thought as to why it wouldn’t actually work was that it violates the speed of light. However, I’m less sure of that and now think conservation of energy would be the more obvious problem. Obviously its all messed up as far […]

  • I thought of a different form of time travel

    I was thinking about this post and I realized I’d forgotten about one of my favourite time travel stories: Timescape by Gregory Benford. The novel now suffers a little from having its future parts set in 1998 (although maybe not, if you think about how it ends) and I haven’t re-read it recently but it […]

  • Timothy’s First Thanksgiving

    ‘Twas the day of Thanksgiving, and close by the catNot a creature was stirring, not even a rat;The house was half empty, no one stood on the stair,In hopes that a far traveled guest soon would be there;The robot was nestled all snug in its station,Recharging its batteries with thoughts of vacation;And a dinosaur (curled […]

  • Nothing to see here

    This is just me messing about with the Gutenberg editor and seeing what does what. So far I’ve mixed feelings. This is certainly a more flexible editor and it allows for more complex layouts and page design. However, for a blog, the old editor allowed for quicker composition of posts with just a few features. […]

  • Ye Olde Skull & Lobster: Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: Part N+1

    When P.Z. Myers is cited positively and unironically by Vox Day, you know there’s something amiss with the universe. There’s heresy in the air and right-on-right attacks going down. On the one hand, we have Jordan Peterson: transphobic right-wing purveyor of semi-coherent self-help books for people frightened by women going to university. On the other […]