Month: Oct 2018

  • Currently Reading: The Labyrinth Index (Laundry Files) by Charles Stross

    The narrator is Mhari Murphy this time, the corporate vampire recruited into the Laundry several books ago. Things, as they say, have already spiralled out of control before the book starts with many of the kinds of things the Laundry had tried to prevent in earlier books now well under way — notably a charismatic […]

  • Looks like cess-pool social media site Gab is finished

    Gab was established as an alternative social media site to Twitter in 2016 but really only took off last year when it opened registrations. While it now has a reputation primarily as a safe-haven for overt neo-Nazis, many conservatives joined optimistically because of Gab’s claims to support ‘free-speech’. The term ‘free-speech’ here meaning something like […]

  • Review: Doctor Who -Arachnids in the UK

    Chris Chibnall does not have a stellar reputation for writing Doctor Who episodes. The ones prior to his elevation as current showrunner have not been appallingly bad but not particularly remarkable either. So far, judged only as science fiction short stories, the plots of the season 11 of Doctor Who has been equally unremarkable, even […]

  • Sunday Beer: Supersonic DIPA Rainforest Edition

    Tasty. Nice picture of a magpie 🙂

  • Deplorable

    In Pittsburgh, eleven people have been murdered in what is obviously an anti-Semitic attack. This follows a week of bombs disguised as packages sent to a variety of targets, each of which being people regarded as enemies by the US right. Almost overlooked among that violence was a third incident: in which two […]

  • Review: The Centenal Cycle by Malka Older

    Comprising three books (Infomocracy, Null States and State Tectonics), the Centenal Cycle examines a near future world with a radical form of global democracy. With most of the globe carved up into roughly equal population sized mini-states, Older’s thought-experiment novels takes the ‘marketplace of ideas’ seriously with a world where people might move a few […]

  • A Helpful Guide to the Wonderful World of Mammals

    A Helpful Guide to the Wonderful World of Mammals by Timothy the Talking Cat Mammals! They are furry and you can pat them. I’m a mammal and you’re a mammal (not you Susan) but deep down what are mammals? Let me guide you through the wonderful world of mammals! Bat: Bats are pathological liars and […]

  • HTML that I’d like to see

    I’m busy getting some data off a web page and it is the not untypical situation where I’ve got to do some legwork to get it into a spreadsheet. If I then wanted to put the data onto a webpage of my own, I’d have to put into an HTML table. Now I don’t know […]

  • Tim is moonlighting at Amazing Stories today

    Interviewing Schrodinger’s Cat  

  • Forgotten Moments from Movie History

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