Space Opera Book Cover Maker

Ladles and Gentlebens, here it is: The Space Opera Book Cover Maker Thing!

First a word of warning. The images take a while to load and might be even slower depending on your internet connection. However, that speeds up as your browser caches some of them.

The basic idea is this. There are seven layers of images which you can control. The images load as thumbnails (actually the full image is loading into your browser’s memory hence it being a bit slow). You then press a button and all the images you’ve picked get stacked together into an HTML Canvas. If you right click on the canvas then you can save the combined image to your computer.

Some layers are solid (with some 100% transparent bits) and some are semi-transparent and add effects. Every layer has the option of a 100% transparent image called blank.png which helps you dial back a bit when it all gets just too much.

The “randomise” button will set each layer to some random image.


Best way to use it: Hit “randomise” and then blank out a few layers.

  • 1. background: This is the base of your image and is a solid image. The images are a mix of gradients, swrily nebulas and star fields.
  • 2. back atmosphere: This is a semi-transparent layer and includes more swirly nebulas or extra stars.
  • 3. distant features: This layers has planets and asteroids and other lurking background objects. There’s also giant space skulls and looming heads and other things.
  • 4. mid atmosphere: Another layer of colours! This layer can help add depth to your image. This layer is a bit hit or miss. It’s great if you want to make a bakground planet look more distant but can make your image look a bit busy.
  • 5. lower left object and 6. upper right object: These two layers contain similar images in a variety of positions. The layers contains things like space ships or foreground objects. Lots of trial and error are needed here. Best option is to either have one of the two layers blank or to have quite contrasting styles. Two big spaceships in both sections rarely works I’ve found.
  • 7. front effects: Finally a few extra effects to add a bit of flare!

Can you use it for…Yes! Doesn’t matter what. I’m lazy and the laziest IP option is Public Domain because I’m not going to spend any time or effort policing how people use it. Your combination of images is your expression 🙂 Feel free to download individual elements sperately if you like.

Titles and other text elements I decided to avoid. You will need to add your own. The HTML Canvas object does have text functions but they are too fiddly to add in a way that are both flexible and easy to use.

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17 responses to “Space Opera Book Cover Maker”

  1. This is a stunning scientific advance. And you can tell the output is authentic space opera because these covers have no tavern and no snow!

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  2. Have you considered one of those Creative Commons licenses what’s the same as public domain except they have to give you credit? It would help more people find it to use, as they see it in other books.

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  3. I made a thing with the lander plummeting from upper right into a segmented Ringworld-like thingy at lower left, in deep space. I wanted to read the book. Either it’s docking with a round modular station, or the ring is some sort of artificial wormhole/jumpgate the lander’s about to go through. Either way, adventure awaits!

    So this could also be a tool for brainstorming a plot.

    The yellow dotty thing you showed in a tweet would be good for cyberpunk, I think.

    I look forward to perusing Amazon in the near future and seeing this turn up.

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  4. The “go straight to the cover maker” links on the website currently say “cover marker” instead of “maker.” (Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m going to try it out.)

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