I know people were curious about the plane hanging from the roof of a library and I was in the city last Sunday, I made a detour to get a picture from outside.


As advertised, there are little landscapes on top of the plane (including a volcano on its nose).

Here’s an extra cute touch: there are little viewing telescopes as well.


It’s a literal flight of fantasy.

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  1. This is pretty cool public art. Usually those things are just assemblages of abstract crap, not whimsical.

    I did see some good public art once at a city park. I puzzled over it, this 10 foot batch of red curves standing there and finally a native took pity on me and said it was about the negative space. Still didn’t get it. Native told me it was the stitching of a baseball, no ball. THEN my brain filled in the space that was outlined, native pointed out that the sculpture was right in front of the city-owned baseball diamonds. I thought it was clever. And the rounded edges means it’s safe for the kiddies to climb on.

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    • Public art is really hit and miss over here. Some is good and then we have the “put up a big slab of rock and call it art” type.

      I really like the landscape studded plane, though.

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      • Public art is hit and miss everywhere. I’ve been to a town where the art was “let’s put up a bunch of rusty metal at a major intersection.” A slab of rock would have been better.

        And everyone who went to Worldcon last month likely walked past the infamous “Quetzalcoatl as a giant dog turd” statue.


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