Month: Sep 2018

  • At The Gift Shop of Madness

    “Suddenly a bulky white shape loomed up ahead of us, and we flashed on the second torch. It is odd how wholly this new quest had turned our minds from earlier fears of what might lurk near. Those other ones, having left their supplies in the great circular place, must have planned to return after […]

  • Space Opera Book Cover Maker

    Ladles and Gentlebens, here it is: The Space Opera Book Cover Maker Thing! First a word of warning. The images take a while to load and might be even slower depending on your internet connection. However, that speeds up as your browser caches some of them. The basic idea is this. There are seven […]

  • WIP: Should be live soonish

    Still fiddling with my new space opera cover generator. Over the web, the pictures take a long time to load but that’s unavoidable as I want hi-res output. Meanwhile, here’s a cover the randomiser function made this morning:

  • Bootstrap worldbuilding

    In that review of The Dragon Prince, I wanted a term to describe the kinds of initial, upfront worldbuilding that’s done by a prologue or even by the cover of a book. It’s not neccesarily an info-dump (although The Dragon Prince example was) but could be from a map at the start or a conversation […]

  • Review: The Dragon Prince (Netflix)

    A review by Aidan Moher of Netflix’s new cartoon The Dragon Prince persuaded me to go and watch it. The relevant hook being that the show is a new animated series from one of the writers of Avatar, Aaron Ehasz. If on the strength of that connection, you are hoping for something with the complexity […]

  • Cute

    I know people were curious about the plane hanging from the roof of a library and I was in the city last Sunday, I made a detour to get a picture from outside. As advertised, there are little landscapes on top of the plane (including a volcano on its nose). Here’s an extra cute touch: […]

  • CoOrDiNaTeD aTtAcKs!

    CoOrDiNaTeD aTtAcKs!

    Cast your minds back to April 7 2015. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were beaten by the Connecticut Huskies in the NCAA Division I women’s basketball championship and Senator Rand Paul announced he was going to run for the Republic nomination for President of the United States. Meanwhile, in Sad Puppy related news, Larry Correia […]

  • The Legend of Korra: Book 3 – Change

    What the Legend of Korra had lacked up to this point was an interesting villain. Amon and Unalaq had superficially seemed different but underneath were rather similar: both water benders shaped by sibling rivalry and with hidden motives. Zaheer is quite different. A sort of anarchist and a genuine revolutionary, Zaheer is not a person […]

  • Sorry, but yes you did co-opt the Sad Puppies…

    Comics love nothing more than a crossover event! In a rambling post about the schmozzle that was (comicsgatecomics^comicsgate^gate)! Vox Day is very keen to set the record straight about previous culture-wars hijackings: “I would, however, like to correct one common misapprehension: I never co-opted Sad Puppies. To the contrary, I was the architect of the […]

  • Sunday Beer: Super Super Juicy New England IPA

    Sorry “Double NEIPA”. New England here refers to the region of New South Wales rather than the region of the US (I assume). From the Hunter Valley which is more famed for its wine than beer. 10% ABV so not to be drunk lightly…