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  1. And Minnesota’s number one. This seems to fit, it’s been my favourite continental state of the ones I’ve visited so far.


  2. You also appear to have conflated New Jersey and Delaware (same colour) and have named Delaware both Dibble and Grub.)

    Also, why is Hawaii called Hawaii? That’s so confusing.

    I’m having fun with this map, though.

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  3. Nice. I’d have named one Turkey Sub, as I do in all my naming lists after having seen School of Rock. Probably Kentucky.


  4. You’ve got Rectangular One and Two mislabeled (swapped). Possibly North and South Rectangle?

    Fractal is in fact, “Mitten and the Other Bit”.

    And Handle is … well, I suppose you didn’t want to go NSFW.

    Why Explodyland?

    However, Yain, Tain, Texashat, Squished, Squashed, Tweedledum/dee, and the Lumps are perfect. But Flack’s part of East Lump.

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      1. I’ve always thought that was more J’accuse like it was identifying New Mexico/Octagon’s Oblong Cosplay as the culprit of some crime.

        Anecdata (like Dear Abbey/Ann Landers and other popular syndicated newspaper columns) suggest people don’t believe New Mexico/Octagon’s Oblong Cosplay is actually part of the United States. So maybe J’accuse/Texashat is identifying the undocumented immigrant to ICE.


  5. You missed my favorite state!
    That’s what you get for not consulting the locals.
    Years ago we had one of those 50-piece wooden maps for the kid.
    Educational, of course, but also fulfilling a childhood dream of my own to see all 50 states in a pile.
    – As the youngest child of five, I grew up with a puzzle of the 35 states (as well as many rather sadly mauled dolls).
    As a result, as a mom I had rather a fetish for Not Broken stuff of Many Pieces.
    Anyway, working with an intact map revealed the state of Kattywalds Wissen, kid’s own name for the leftover state.
    It’s location was not fixed, but for some reason it was often either Fractal or Pew.

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  6. I also had one of those US state puzzles lauowolf mentions as a kid and still refer to all of those rectangular and nearly rectangular western states as “square states” to this day.

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  7. As a resident of Fractal, I would support nicknaming the parts Mitten and Deer-&-Mosquito-Land. Or we could nickname the Upper Peninsula Snowmad. Either works.

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    1. It’s a mitten, except occasionally it’s also an oven mitt.

      You can always tell people from there when they’re asked what town they grew up in and the hand comes up in mitten position.

      Maybe Mitten and Why Isn’t This Part of Cheeseland?

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