8 thoughts on “Monster and Robot have a civil conversation on video games

  1. There must have been games with heroic robots since then. Has Robot not been paying attention?

    In a more-retro-than-thou counter-counterpoint, I say “M.U.L.E.”


  2. I think the gaming world is only taking babysteps for most of those things. Storytelling lags behind the need to make things action-packed and/or exciting, particularly within the mainstream “AAA” market. Inclusivity and diversity is largely a side-effect of an industry that got blown wide-open with easily accessible online platforms for games that proved the success of “niche” titles like Stardew Valley (which spent quite a lot of time on Switch outselling everything, despite already being a few years old by that point). Another side effect of the indie market is an explosion of nostalgia for retro gameplay/graphics so you get platformers like Celeste or sidescrolling adventures like Hollow Knight and Shovel Knight, which are a step back in some cases (reliance on 16-bit sprites and retro-style graphics and gameplay) but telling new/fun/weird stories.

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    1. I just want games that can be adjusted down to Total Dork level, somewhere below easy. Not all of us have enough hand-eye coordination to get past the intro level. Which is why the only game I’m playing regularly is Neko Atsume. I’d like a good story, but the shoot ’em up necessity makes it impossible for me. So little animated cats is where I’m at today. They’re so kawaii!

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      1. I’m kinda with you there. I play games usually on “normal” difficulty myself but I’m so done with stuff like Dark Souls that’s just frustrating punishment to try and play. I play games to unwind, not get more angry.

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  3. While I do agree largely with the monster….Chrono Trigger IS still a great game.

    Sorry. I have a bit of a soft spot for the beloved R-66Y, and not just because his theme music bears a striking resemblance to a certain Rick Astley tune. 🙂

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