Update on Canberra

As was likely Peter Not Actually A Sontaran Dutton was not appointed Prime Minister of Australia by the Liberal Not Actually Liberal Party. Instead the picked Scott Morrison, who is basically like Dutton in lots of ways but marginally less horrible.

So there you go.


9 thoughts on “Update on Canberra

  1. And Turnbull has confirmed that he will be leaving Parliament soon, and has apparently only just left off the “And won’t you lot be sorry then?” to his declaration as he thought that would be laying it on a bit thick.

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    1. I strongly suspect that ‘soon’ will translate to ‘at the next election’, ostensibly to spare the country the expense of a by-election, but really to avoid the risk of the government losing its majority now he doesn’t need to put the boot in the conservatives.


    1. Very true but the wider party choice is between the party that likes locking up children in camps and the party that is sad about locking up children in camps but will still do it. 😦


      1. Yeah, there is that. I occasionally look around and wonder how the heck we got here, and then I listen to my fellow Australians (or my extended family), and remember.

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