Month: Aug 2018

  • US State Names

  • Sad Puppies 4 is now slot machine spam…but in Italian?

    I was checking some broken links and found myself back at the Sad Puppies 4 website. People may recall that the domain name hosting had briefly expired but then the site reappeared but with the promise of a Sad Puppies 5 removed. I’m not going to link to the website (you’ll see why) but […]

  • The Legend of Korra: Book 1 – Air

    Where next? A successful fantasy series has built up a substantial following. Both writers and viewers (in this case but the same is true in abstract for readers) have invested time in world building and understanding the lore of the setting. Characters were engaging and the plot reached its necessary conclusion. It’s all done but […]

  • How Coal Runs Australian Politics

    The latest news in Australian politics is that ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull will resign his seat sooner than expected triggering a by election. I suspect this won’t bring down the government but it’s a more assertive act by Turnbull than I expected. The Guardian has a report here: Further down in that article is a […]

  • Looking at Subscription Data

    The discussion in the comments about Amazon ranks sent me off on a tangent. I gathered some Amazon rankings for SFF magazines that offer subscriptions via Amazon and having got that data I thought I should do something with it. As I also had the 2017 Fireside Report data I thought I’d compare the two. […]

  • “Comicsgate” is the crappiest “gate”

    Really, as an observer of weird pop-culture rightwing backlash campaigns, I have to say the so-called “Comicsgate” is incredibly dull. I don’t want to minimise the extent of the toxic harassment and bullying [which is severe] of either Comicsgate or its predecessors such as the Puppy campaigns or Gamergate but taking a look at its other […]

  • How Women Don’t Get the Top Job

    More inside machinations of Australia party politics for you all. This time though a brief look at the Prime Minister Australia didn’t get. Julie Bishop has decided to step down as Foreign Minister and to serve on the backbenches under Australia’s new PM, Scott Morrison. Worth saying up front that a reactionary government led by […]

  • Sunday Beer

  • Monster and Robot have a civil conversation on video games

    Robot likes games with heroic robots.

  • The Blockchain of Gibberish

    Here’s something that really should make no sense but if you read enough from 2018 sadly it does: Vox Day is hoping that Qanon chan boards will find pizzagate style dirt on Jordan Peterson. It’s gibberish turtles all the way down. For references here is the nonsense:

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