Sci Phi Journal Ended and I Didn’t Notice

My theme of the day is not noticing things.

Sci Phi journal was the right-leaning puppy-adjacent science fiction/philosophy ‘zine started by Jason Rennie (now of Superversive) and then taken over by Ray Blank. It was never exactly terrible and was never wholly lacking in promise. I put it above No Award once and also had an odd exchange with Jason Rennie

Anyway, apparently it gave up the ghost in January: [eta updated link and also it has arisen from the dead]

19 thoughts on “Sci Phi Journal Ended and I Didn’t Notice

  1. Good to know they left behind this perfectly executed exemplar of tortured right wing prose:
    “Maybe some of Team SPJ will eventually find a better way to resurrect the combination of philosophy, science and fiction that seemingly appeals to many, but which is difficult to promote in a fractured market that allows no room for dialogue between proponents of opposing views.”

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    1. I’ve clearly read far too much Freer, Hoyt and Niemeier because the above sentence seems extremely readable to me 🙂

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  2. Perhaps this is me being overly snarky, but that quoted sentence is a doozy. First you’ve got the claim that their combination of crap philosophy and crap science fiction “seemingly appeals to many” while not ACTUALLY appealing to enough people to keep the pub going. So their fallback position is the blame placed on the ‘fractured’ market. Of course, a market of many small producers and many different consumers is what Adam Smith would have called a “free market,” the object of worship by all right-thinking libertarians and conservatives everywhere.

    So a more honest version would have read “Guess we over-estimated how many people agreed with us and our goofy takes enough to make our publication a success. The market giveth and the market taketh away.”

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    1. Pixlaw: So a more honest version would have read “Guess we over-estimated how many people agreed with us and our goofy takes enough to make our publication a success. The market giveth and the market taketh away.”

      Yeah, I’ve obviously read too many Puppy word-salad concoctions, too, because their meaning was clear to me:
      “We couldn’t find enough people interested in our particular blend of far-right politics and fiction to make our publication financially successful.”

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    2. Heck, I’m all for democratic socialism, safety net, one-payer health care and all that and I like a free market with lots of choices. I like stuff. Different kinds of stuff. Lots of brands so I can find exactly what I want, when I want. Even Socialist Hell Sweden gave us IKEA, which is a great source for semi-useless do-dads (along with useful things and meatballs).

      I’ve known some actual card carrying Communists (like, subscribing to People’s World) and even they liked a wide variety of products in their shopping. Variety is the spice of life. Stuff is fun!

      Niche products can survive and thrive in a completely free market (which the Internet sure is) IF there are enough consumers to support it. Apparently the market has spoken.


    1. That’s a politer way of saying it than I was thinking.

      Honestly, Cam follows this stuff fairly closely and it took him 6 months to notice; how could anyone else notice it’s gone?

      Pixlaw and JJ have sussed it out; nobody was reading in the first place, which is why they shut down and nobody realized.

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      1. Hm, is he friends with Michael Z Williamson, who suggested that I should be pushed out of a moving helicopter? (MZW was apparently moved to such rage because I posted a link to a study about the relationship between gun proliferation in society and gun violence. SHOCKING behavior on my part.)

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      2. Where do they propose to get all these helicopters? And wouldn’t planes do just as well, or even better since they can fly higher?

        Jessica, what was that?

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  3. So they’re going to need a helicopter AND an ocean?

    Why am I not surprised that it’s a right-wing dictatorship thing.

    Checking links off that article delighted me in one respect; the “alt-right” entry on Wiki shows Nazi and Confederate flags. Tell it like it is.

    I had no memory of that plot in “The Gods Must Be Crazy” but I haven’t seen it since the early 80s.

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