Dragon Award Finalists Appearing Bit by Bit

File 770 reports that some nominees for the Dragon Awards have been notified ( http://file770.com/pixel-scroll-7-27-18-why-do-pixels-scroll-because-theyre-made-of-wood/ ).

“Finalists are not being asked to hold back the news until the release of the final ballot. Here are links to some of the announcements”

Robert Kroese, Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennery, Thomas A Mays, Sarah Hoyt, Kevin Anderson, Shayne Silvers, Jon Osborne, Craig Martelle, were in my set of projections. Dave Butler wasn’t on my set of projections but probably should have been based on past nomination [note to self: previous nominees with an eligible work are obvious future nominees]. Names I’m not familiar with include Vera Nazarian and Aleron Kong.

Aleron Kong seems to have got right to the spirit of the Dragon Awards here:

Hello my wonderful Mist Villagers!
The Land: Predators is a Finalist for Best Fantasy Novel!!!
PLEASE take 60 seconds and sign up! You’ll be sent a confirmation to your email. Click the link and that’s it! 🙂
If you comment that you voted, you’re entered to win signed copies of The Land!
Extra points if you post a screen shot of you registering!
Extra EXTRA points if you post a screen shot of you voting when the ballots come!
Even more points if you tag a friend in the comments!

[That’s not a criticism. That’s well within the rules as far as I can tell and the awards are about self-promotion and mobilising a fan base. So good on him.]

There’s a whole pile of people who haven’t said they were nominated yet. Knowing the Dragon Awards, there probably won’t be an official list until after people start voting…

[ETA: David Weber, Tim Zahn & Tom Pope’s novel “A Call to Vengeance” is also a finalist https://www.facebook.com/david.weber.5621/posts/2023065321060427  – I didn’t have this on my list. ]

[ETA Cameron Johnston The Traitor God (Angry Robot) in Best Fantasy https://twitter.com/CamJohnston/status/1023921472614662145 – not on my list ]

16 thoughts on “Dragon Award Finalists Appearing Bit by Bit

  1. Aleron Kong seems to be a popular LitRPG author. Not my thing at all, but clearly popular. Vera Nazarian was very active in the indie/small press scene several years ago and actually ran a small press at one point, though I haven’t come across her name in a while now. Based on what she used to write, her work is more down my alley than most of those nominees.

    Though with the Dragons, it’s always been voting for the least annoying rather than for the best candidate.


    1. Aleron Kong writes fun and trashy LitRPG. The only one that can give him a run for the money is Travis Bagwell. While Bagwell is the better writer and has better storylines, Kong has more humour and is great on pop culture references, the same which made Ready Player One popular.

      The nominated book is absurdly long, it is like three ordinary books, and it sprawls all over the place. That is Kongs main weakness, his books are like someone playing Skyrim and doing side quests here and there, suddenly remembering the main quest, then forgets everything to craft and level up. But for gamers, they are fun.

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  2. Anyone having read anyelse than Aleron Kong and liking their works?
    I mean I know 2 others but am not in a mod to pick their work up.

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    1. Apart from Kong, I like Travis Bagwell as mentioned above. Most other stuff have the same problems: Overpowered mc, too much harem, unlikeable protagonist… I find some of them fun, but do not dare to recommend them.

      I’ve only started Darkworlds London, but it is an interesting take mixing LitRPG with cthulhu mythos.


    2. We recently featured a LitRPG novel called Pendulum Heroes by an author called James Baemon at the Speculative Fiction Showcase. That one sounded pretty good.

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  3. A couple more, if anyone’s interested…

    I also notice that, at this point, we’ve got at least half of the finalists for Best Fantasy (assuming they’re sticking with 6-8 per category):
    A Tempered Warrior
    War Hammer
    The Traitor God
    The Land: Predators

    Betting on the remaining nominees starts at ten quid.


    1. Doris V. Sutherland: A couple more, if anyone’s interested…

      It looks as though Vesuvian Media (a start-up publisher) figured out that the Dragon Awards were easily swampable.

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      1. As long as they’re not fascists, fine. They look to be in it in hopes of big Hollywood bucks, so an award you can win FREE through email freeping is ideal for them.

        Looks to be mostly generic extruded SF/fantasy product, but I see a couple “based on a true story” books about black people overcoming The Man, so there’s that.

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    1. “I contacted DRAGON CON and the first group of ballots are going out first part of next week.” – I’m clearly not bringing the right kind of temple offerings to receive messages from the inner temple of the Dragon Awards 🙂

      So early next week seems to be the release date.


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