The Annals of SJWism Part Eleventy Thousand

The naive may think that the primary target when rightwing extremist says “SJW” or “social justice” is actual leftwing people doing leftwing things in a leftwing way. But oh no. The term is a rhetorical stick designed to beat imagined enemies who have to be omnipresent so as to feed the induced paranoia necessary for the far-right to operate.

Just to recap on the people and absurd things we’ve seen targetted as examples of “SJW” in the past:

  • Women volunteering to work in the church who are nice (them being nice is apparently the warning sign).
  • Women in a corporate office complaining about having to wear high heels.
  • All sorts of rightwing people not being rightwing in the right way.
  • Any journalist pointing out overt antisemitism.
  • Cartoon character’s boobs not being big enough.
  • Human resource departments in corporations in general.

However, I think I’ve found one that tops all of those in terms of absurdity: project management methodology. Yes, yes, the latest thing upon which the high priests of crypto-fascism have pronounced anathema (or a fatwa or whichever analogy you prefer) is the Agile Project methodology.

The right response to that is, ‘huh?’

Anyway vaguely involved in managing projects will be familiar with various methodologies that run like fads through the business world. Not wholly useless, not really evidence-based, maybe not worth the effort needed in training & retraining staff but possibly linked to better productivity, these things come and go like a Microsoft Project file that was set up once and everybody forgot about because they were too busy to update it.

Of rising popularity, particularly in IT circles is Agile – an approach that has zingy name and mixed sports metaphors (‘scrums’, ‘sprints’). It’s a thing. It’s OK I guess. I’ve been involved in projects that use it. It’s not the worst but it is stuff I’ve had to learn so I can communicate with other people that I feel was not the best use of my brain space which I need for other things like how to make a scutoid in Cheetah 3D. Butttt, on the whole, IT groups I’ve interacted with using it really do seem to have their act together a bit better and avoid that worse feature of claiming everything is easy (when asked vaguely) and everything is impossible (when it comes to specifics).

Anyway, apparently, it is also part of the on-going SJW conspiracy. Yes, yes, we all missed that memo from leftwing conspiracy HQ. Here’s the usual validating a moan about it:

More seriously, it is yet another example of a tendency on the far-right on the net to recast employee frustration with a lack of autonomy in capitalist enterprise as a leftwing conspiracy. If your working life is frustrating, underpaid, stressful and unfufilling then the right needs an answer that is something other than “inherent flaws in capitalism and inequitable power distribution in society based around the economic system”. Shadowy leftwing conspiracy in all things is the go to replacement.

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  1. The explanation for Vox Day’s hatred of whatever random thing he’s ranting about today is actually much simpler. Who has time to keep track of all the things hated by the far right/alt right/whatever they’re calling themselves today? He doesn’t want to lose readership by accidentally ranting against some alt-right shibboleth he hadn’t noticed yet. Sure, he’ll attack the occasional upstart like Jordan Peterson, but he can’t do that all the time or his audience will think he’s gone SJW.

    Yet he has blog entries to make. What’s an ideologue to do?

    The solution: pick some random thing that annoys him and blame it on the SJWs. Today it’s the Agile methodology; tomorrow it’s people who drive slowly in the fast lane or talk on the phone on public transportation. They’re the reason for the death of society that’s always just around the corner!

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    • I may have to correct you here, Michael: public transportation is obviously an SJW thing, so he wouldn’t pick that.

      Other than that, you’re correct.


  2. Interesting that in VD’s comments, most of the guys who actually work in development think that the agile-as-leftist-conspiracy thing is nonsense.

    The rest of his credulous audience will no doubt lap it up though.

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  3. Does this mean that VD is an advocate of central planning (waterfall models)? Another point in support of the Mamatas’s hypothesis.

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      • Self-organizing teams = proletariat self-emancipation; continuous improvement = permanent revolution. In Jira the whole team is equals, scrum master and developers and QA all in it together; in Microsoft project you have class warfare as the development vs the project management vs the testers duke it out. Bottom-up governance vs top down totalitarianism. it fits very well.

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        • [dust off hands and prepares new Business Masterpiece: “Hot to Trot: Valuable Business Lessons Your Project Can Learn from Josef & Leon”, “Is Your Software Project in the Doldrums? Here are Ten Top Tips from Five Year Plans to Permanent Revolution!”

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      • Viva Jira! 🙂

        It would need to be “Joe and Leo”. Short, snappy, one-syllable names. Nothing in Russian, those words are too long and full of consonants.


  4. Most of these methodologies look textbook late capitalism to me. Make more profit faster with fewer employees and money; everyone has to do everything; money and time gets wasted on useless meetings, seminars, books, and self-proclaimed “experts”; women, PoC, disabled, and parents get shafted; extra managers’ work; buzzwords galore; all forced on people from higher-ups.

    I can’t count how many of them I’ve seen come and go in my decades of being computer-nerd-adjacent (and baby computer nerd myself before that). We just recently tossed several Six Sigma books that were taking up space as we were cleaning out a room of junk. That’s gotta be a dozen paradigm shifts ago.

    These methodologies are frequently the complete opposite of SJW.


    • For the longest time I thought Six Sigma was a joke on 30 Rock poking fun at those ridiculous business books. I didn’t realise until pretty recently that it’s a real thing.

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  5. I just summarized this in a couple sentences to the husband, a veteran of decades of programming, and not a particularly woke guy.

    He stared off into the middle distance for a second, then slowly shook his head several times.

    I elaborated. He shook his head some more and then began smiling faintly while doing so.


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