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I have mentioned that I can’t attend Worldcon this year due to the circumference of the Earth. Lurkertype has asked whether I could attend if the Earth were flat. Let’s see.

The surface area of the earth is approx : 510,072,000 sq km.

Treated as a two-dimensional circle, this would give a radius r=of square root (510072000/pi). The circumference of that would be c = 2*r*pi.

So r works out at about 12,742 kilometres for our flat Earth, which is double the radius of the spherical Earth. The circumference of the flat Earth is therefore 80,060 kilometres, which is basically double the circumference of the spherical Earth.

So, if I have to travel the circumference of the Earth to get to San Jose (which I have to for reasons due to occult geometry rather than practicality) then I have to travel twice as far, making the trip less feasible.

However, if we change Earth into a four-dimensional analogue to a sphere (known as 3-sphere or 4-ball depending on what aspect we are looking at) then I can get there.

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  1. I’ll get right on that. Oh no I won’t, that way lies eldritch squamous things.

    (You’re welcome for the set-up to do math. I figured it would be a longer distance, but not how much. Occult reasons explains why you wouldn’t go straight across the flat earth, but that would have made the math different. Also regarding occult reasons, see previous paragraph.)

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    • Thank you for asking the important questions. However, as we all know, not only is the earth flat but Australia is a hoax used to prop up the round earth theory. Sure, there’s a place you can go to and talk to “Australians” but it’s in South America (between Paraguay and Bolivia–the maps you see are also a hoax). The airlines are in on it; why do you think it’s such a hassle to go to the airport?
      Look, it all makes perfect sense. You just need to watch my series of 10-hour youtube videos. It’ll be up to 250 by September.


  2. “However, if we change Earth into a four-dimensional analogue to a sphere (known as 3-sphere or 4-ball depending on what aspect we are looking at) then I can get there.”

    Oh, man, that is going to do terrible things to property values…..


    • No, no, it’s fine, you get the same surface area but with a smaller radius, so there’s just as much space to build BUT everything is also sort of closer (even more so if you can have tunnels)

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  3. You could just tunnel.
    That would get my kids here faster too, so it’s a no-brainer.
    … Daughter-in-law is in on the Australia hoax, and to think I trusted her.


    • It was all a ploy to steal away one of our fine young American people.

      In fact, the Australian islands are widely scattered all over the world, which explains the widely varying climates. That’s also why it takes forever to get to Australia from anywhere else. The airlines fly you to a really far away one, no matter where you live. It takes forever to drive (or fly or railroad) across Australia b/c people have to be rendered unconscious and them and their cars/planes/trains transported to the next island.

      The native Australians had this all worked out with their Dreamtime songlines. You have to know the complicated geography, it’s not like continents where you can just walk in a specified direction to get places. They knew how to move between the many Australian islands without plains and boats. It’s how they got there in the first place and why it took so many thousands of years for everyone else to arrive.


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