Tim is disappoint

Apparently Hollywood, the collective being that it is, is planning to make a movie version of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s long running musical “Cats”.

As of yet, our own Timothy the Talking Cat has NOT recieved any inquiries regarding his potential participation. In case Hollywood assume he is too busy, what with his massive publishing business (set to eclipse Amazon), his writing career, his political punditry and his regular intervention in world affairs, let me as his agent, assure Hollywood that Timothy is available on Thursdays so long as he is back home in time to watch his competitive baking shows.

Also, he wil need a singing coach.

Probably acting lessons as well.

And a big big trailer.


5 responses to “Tim is disappoint”

  1. He does have a reputation of being difficult to work with. (Then again, what creative genius doesn’t?)
    Perhaps it was the midday four hour nap clause in his contracts.

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