Month: Jul 2018

  • Sci Phi Journal Ended and I Didn’t Notice

    My theme of the day is not noticing things. Sci Phi journal was the right-leaning puppy-adjacent science fiction/philosophy ‘zine started by Jason Rennie (now of Superversive) and then taken over by Ray Blank. It was never exactly terrible and was never wholly lacking in promise. I put it above No Award once and also […]

  • The Dragon Award Rule Change I Missed

    We should see who the finalist are some time tomorrow for the Dragon Awards. In the meantime here is a change I missed. What’s the minimum length for a novel in the Dragon Awards (not including YA)? Did you say 70 thousand words? Well you have good reasons for saying that. Here’s what the “Process” […]

  • How to Travel Faster Than Light!

    Space travel is easy just so long as you don’t need to get anywhere interesting outside of our solar system in a human lifetime. Time to hit warp speed! Many of these are basically similar to If it was also mentioned as a teleport technique then it has a ≅ symbol. Warp space – […]

  • It’s That Time!

    Only a few days to go to vote in the Hugos!

  • Dragon Award Finalists Appearing Bit by Bit

    File 770 reports that some nominees for the Dragon Awards have been notified ( ). “Finalists are not being asked to hold back the news until the release of the final ballot. Here are links to some of the announcements” Vera Nazarian — WIN (The Atlantis Grail, Book #3) Sarah A. Hoyt and Kevin […]

  • Twitter Polls Suck

    So I referred to the Sad Puppies “extreme politics” on Twitter the other day. Somebody questioned that and I didn’t reply immediately because there’s a lot to unpack. Instead, I offered a Twitter poll with the options of replying as Threaded tweets A linked blog post Talking to cat Six people voted and each option […]

  • The Annals of SJWism Part Eleventy Thousand

    The naive may think that the primary target when rightwing extremist says “SJW” or “social justice” is actual leftwing people doing leftwing things in a leftwing way. But oh no. The term is a rhetorical stick designed to beat imagined enemies who have to be omnipresent so as to feed the induced paranoia necessary for […]

  • Geometry News!

    I appreciate a nice polyhedron but as an area of interest it isn’t one prone to many events. The regular polyhedra were fully classified a very long time ago and while that’s just one set of an infinite space of 3D objects with polygonal faces. If you allow for curves or slightly curved, almost polygons […]

  • Lurkertype’s question

    I have mentioned that I can’t attend Worldcon this year due to the circumference of the Earth. Lurkertype has asked whether I could attend if the Earth were flat. Let’s see. The surface area of the earth is approx : 510,072,000 sq km. Treated as a two-dimensional circle, this would give a radius r=of square […]

  • Schadenpuppies & EPH

    Worldcon events have brought out the former Sad Puppies to claim that things once again (via means never explained) prove them right (about what is always unclear). I’ve personally not had a lot to say on the Worldcon programming issue as I can’t attend due to a whole pile of things and life and the […]

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