Tim’s Last Jedi Remake Update: aka “Porgzooka”

Leaked early footage of Rey on the Space Vampire planet.


Tim says that pledges are coming thick and fast, including:

  • A dead mouse somebody found.
  • A tin of salmon (yum).
  • Some sticks.
  • A map tha might show some treasure.
  • An old key that might open something.
  • A quarter.
  • A farthing.
  • A hop, a skip and a jump.


9 thoughts on “Tim’s Last Jedi Remake Update: aka “Porgzooka”

  1. OT, but as you are a beer lover, have you read this?

    I don’t think porter and stout are interchangeable at all. I’ve drunk different highly recommended porters but never found one that didn’t taste like an ashtray. I’ve drunk a few stouts which ranged from frankly disgusting (Guinness at Crystal Palace in London) to the sublime (Young’s double chocolate stout, too many times and places to mentions). The crucial thing about dark beers, and British beers generally, is that they need to be kept and served cool. ‘Warm’ beer is bad beer. It should be no more than room temperature for a cool cellar in Britain, which is about 16 degrees or less. If a publican keeps British real ales or any dark beer in a warm cellar (heated often by the machinery keeping the precious lager cool instead), he’ll give you lousy beer and that is twice as true for the stouts.

    Drink Stout cool, nearly chilled, to really appreciate the flavour.

    Mmmm, now I want a beer 🙂

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