Loved Books: Introduction to Logic by Irving Copi

This is a famous textbook on logic but I didn’t know that when I bought it…

I found it on a shelf of withdrawn-from-lending books in a public library somewhere in Humberside (almost certainly the main public library in Hull but I’ve a vague memory it was somewhere more weird than that).

To be honest I just thought it looked cool with its green cover and minimal title.

It cost 25 pence and I bought it in 1989 it seems. The cut out page was done by the library when they removed the record of when it had been lent out.

This is my second favourite withdrawn library book that I own. It is also a really decent text book on logic.

6 thoughts on “Loved Books: Introduction to Logic by Irving Copi

  1. I have this book too, or had it. Not sure of its present status.

    My favorite withdrawn library book is Seven Day Magic by Edward Eager, purchased for a quarter even though I already had a paperback. I couldn’t resist an ex-library copy of the book. It still does grind on me, though, that the library in West Springfield decided to get rid of such a classic volume to make more room for series fiction about farting ghosts or something.


    1. My favorite withdrawn library book is “Anthropology” (revised edition) by Alfred L. Kroeber, not only a founding father of American anthropology, but the actual father of Ursula K. LeGuin.

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  2. I did have a college-level Logic course, back in the 80s. Only a quarter, and several of the students (and the teacher) asked if they could offer a second quarter. No. No, they couldn’t. At the end of the quarter, the teacher told me that he had not expected me to do well in the class at all, but that I’d gotten the highest grade. That was satisfying, anyway.

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