Puzzle Corner Answers


  1. [F]
  2. [K]
  3. [H]
  4. [C]
  5. [G]
  6. [I]
  7. [L]
  8. [D]
  9. [E]
  10. [J]
  11. [B]
  12. [A]

Note: you can print, cut-out and keep the beard styles to enable a quick famous-author disguise.

6 thoughts on “Puzzle Corner Answers

  1. I think this would be a swell game to play at a con, providing people hadn’t memorized the answers from here. Jumble them up in a different order, I guess.

    Not sure whether it would be better in the family-friendly (kids’ activities) room or the gaming room for if people get tired of Cards Against Humanity, Catan, or RPGs. Heck, why not both?

    Wonder if I can sneak it into Worldcon… I don’t know who’s running that department…checks web site… oh ho, I sort of know one of them, we have mutual friends.

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      1. Particularly since Cam is a Hugo Finalist! It’s even on-topic! And many of the beards shown are/were also finalists, and at least one of them will be there.


      2. When I have a beard it is Gaimanesque – various colours and all over the place and of ‘just not shaved’ style rather then ‘a hairstyle for one’s chin’


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