Month: Jun 2018

  • The Bortsworth Mysteries: Episode 2 – The Case of the Purloined Plates

    “Excuse me,” she was in her mid 60’s. Dressed in Marks & Spencer and middle-class insecurity. I was busy, too busy to interact with the late-stage capitalist, incipient Brexit yeomanry of Bortsworth County. “Excuse me,” she said again, clutching a local newspaper in her recently but inexpertly manicured hands, “are you the detective?” I narrowed […]

  • Red Panda’s Dragon Eligibility Sheet

    According to wikipedia the red panda is also known as the red bear-cat and also the red cat-bear. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Red Panda Faction has developed a Google Docs spreadsheet for works with Dragon Awards eligibility. Part bear, part cat, part panda-racoon hybrid, who better to unravel the taxonomic intricacies of Dragon Award categories! It’s […]

  • Review: Luke Cage, Season 2

    Each Netflix Marvel series that has had a second season has been less compelling the second time. Daredevil had a less focused story and without Vincent D’Onofrio’s compelling presence, the season felt more episodic. Jessica Jones season 2 also meandered more. Overall though, Luke Cage season 2 feels tighter and more story driven than season […]

  • A dashing diversion

    A diversion from the news today is in order and so it is time for strong but frankly irrelevant opinions on punctuation. I’ve a fairly loose relationship with grammar and I’m not famed for being a stickler for social norms on punctuation. However, I do have strong opinions on one aspect of punctuation because it is […]

  • Trump in perpetuity?

    There is an excellent Tweet thread from the consistently insightful Alexandra Erin here: As promised, @asymmetricinfo, I am home now and prepared to walk you — at length and in detail — through my mental model of how Trump as the American Hitler deprives us of democracy. — Alexandra Erin (@alexandraerin) June 26, 2018 […]

  • Surveying the Dragon Awards

    Last year I tried to collate people and groups publicising nominations for the Dragon Awards (e.g. ). I intend to do the same thing again this year. The purpose is so that when nominations are released, it’s possible to see the impact of campaigns and self-promotion for the Dragons – mainly for curiosity value […]

  • Sunday Beer: Mint Condition Choc-Mint stout

    So “chocolate stout” is a thing but choc-mint? Well it’s not bad. Not very minty but enough to cut through the stout aftertaste.

  • Review: Binti: Home (novella)

    Nnedi Okorafor’s young protagonist gets another adventure in her journey. Suffering from the aftermath of the first novella, Binti carries the trauma of a massacre, acquired alien DNA and a degree of celebrity she isn’t prepared for. She takes the only step she can to put her life back in balance and decides to (temporarily) […]

  • Tim’s Last Jedi Remake Update: aka “Porgzooka”

    Leaked early footage of Rey on the Space Vampire planet. Tim says that pledges are coming thick and fast, including: A dead mouse somebody found. A tin of salmon (yum). Some sticks. A map tha might show some treasure. An old key that might open something. A quarter. A farthing. A hop, a skip and […]

  • Please Help Timothy Remake The Last Jedi

    A message from the CEO of Cattimothy House, Timothy the Talking Cat Greetings fans of Star Wars everywhere, You’ve probably heard by now of various groups who wish to remake Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While we might call their hopes “new” we should be honest and see that their plans are both a phantom […]

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