Dear Chris Chupik

Hi Christopher. I see from your comment at Sarah Hoyt’s blog that you’ve seen my post and I can see that you have at least scrolled past the comments in question.

I’m genuinely interested in what you think of them. Feel free to comment to this post. I’ll ask others that comment here usually not to reply so that there won’t be a dogpile of comments.

[Dear regular readers – if Chris does reply, please don’t reply to his comment, so that he gets a chance to explain what he thinks is going on in those comments.]


25 thoughts on “Dear Chris Chupik

  1. Mainly for ticky’s’ sake, but pohjalainen’s idea of quality Finnish metal bands is seriously lacking. That list he posted has some great ones – Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, arguably Amorphis in their early days – but is mostly packed with garbage – Lordi, Nightwish, and HIM being the worst of the bunch. Finland has some amazing metal, but you’d barely know it from that list.

    Not that I expect genocide apologists to know anything about anything – apparently they can’t even list their own best NSBM bands.

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    1. Also, just to be clear – I won’t reply to any comment Chupik leaves unless he explicitly asks for responses. I won’t contribute to any pile-on.

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    2. I’m very fond of Lordi and think their first record is great. And of course they are heroes after winning the Eurovision. Nightwish though… That is a more aquired taste.


      1. Lordi’s always seemed a novelty band, to me. But then, I also never could get into Gwar.

        When I think of great Finnish metal I think of – well, first temporally would be Beherit, then probably Demilich, and Thergothon. Also Skepticism, and Sentenced’s first album. Impaled Nazarene’s Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz is one of the best ever fusions of black metal and grindcore. Archgoat, Barathrum, and Tyranny. And etc., probably, but I’m out of memory.

        Eläkeläiset sounds fun!


      2. Nightwish is a taste I acquired a while back after seeing them in Glasgow a few years back. I already liked a bit of Symphonic Metal, mainly Dutch, and got lucky in seeing one of their first more practiced shows with Floor Jansen on vocals. And,.frankly, she’s awesome.


      3. I preferred Therion to Nightwish, but if I remenber correctly, the singer had some dubious political ideas.


      4. Nightwish and Lordi I think have more crossover appeal – I like both, but I am NOT into metal and find some of the “best” bands less accessible to a layperson (A common problem in almost all genres. The feelings I had when a friend played us some of Miles Davis’s Bitch’s Brew were, ah, *not* appreciation of his brilliance, though I understand he is considered a true great.) I come to what little metal I ever do listen to via a prog, not metal, loving brother, or another friend with a deep taste for Van Canto.

        Although to be honest, I mostly just haven’t had a good chance to try most of the Finnish ones, either, so I can’t judge their relative merits.

        Perfectly willing, even curious, to hear what Chris Chupik has to say, and not intervene.

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      5. I feel like Lenora — metal isn’t my thing at all, so the less hardcore bands are more appealing. I came out of prog and plain old rock myself as a young’un (thanks to aforementioned basement-dwelling brother), with some KISS, Alice Cooper, Led Zep, Metallica, all of which is a long way from black metal.

        With jazz, I tend to like the poppier stuff as well; Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington for earlier stuff, the cool/West Coast jazz later (Brubeck, Torme). Mom was way into big band, so.

        I’m just more into “lite” versions of a lot of stuff, I guess, though today’s pop doesn’t do it for me on the whole, and the kids should get off my lawn.

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      6. disappointed to hear about Therion. reeeeeally not a fan of symphonic stuff, but i did rather enjoy the album of yé-yé covers they did.

        @lenorarose> my only interaction with Bitch’s Brew was when a friend of mine put it on before breakfast after a night out clubbing. not sure it made the best first impression, though it did make me wish i had some Keiji Haino with me 😀


      1. camestrosfelapton: I think Chris Chupik isn’t going to show up

        I figured when I saw you post this with his name in the title that he wouldn’t — the Mad Loonies would all accuse him of dancing to your tune if he did, and he’d never hear the end of it. Besides, he gets his sense of satisfaction from feeling as though he’s intruding on your website discussions — and where’s the satisfaction of intruding, when you’ve been explicitly invited?

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      2. But I really really do what to see at least one of them try and explain what they think they were doing there! Not to berate them but just to know how they think about themselves when they are writing stuff like that and/or seeing it written!

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      3. To be fair, he’s probably responding at length to the Camestros living in his brain (calling that Camestros by whatever name it’s fashionable to use these days).

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  2. Not Finnish, but metalwise Blind Guardian is great. For Fantasyfans it has a lot of connections.


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