Spelling and grammar

I hunger and thirst for clear, short sentences that are free of solecisms, typos and spelling errors and avoid uneccesary tangents about other things – like that time I traded learning to ride a bicyle for teaching somebdy how to climb a tree – and never wander off into discussions about the impact of medieval British Fransciscan monks on critical thinking which segue into discussion about the roots of science-fiction as a genre, for example the legend of Roger Bacon’s giant brass head that could talk that was adapted into the Elizabethan play “Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friar_Bacon_and_Friar_Bungay ) which has all sorts of SF tropes (teleportation, artificial intelligence, defensive force fields) and frankly should be better known, and also did I mention avoid run-on sentences because I hunger and thirst for avoiding those as well.

HUNGER and THIRST for that people. HUNGER AND THIRST FOR IT. Oh why, oh why can’t my numerous enemies be more like me in my great virtue for hungering and thirsting for these things?


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  1. I used to think I could spell. Then I moved to Canada.
    Is it centre or center? I use them both within the same email. Color or colour? No clue. Took or toque? I don’t even like hats. And what the hell is a parkade?
    More disturbingly, I’ve learned that words I’ve thought I knew how to spell my entire life are in fact correct. I was so proud of myself for knowing how to spell “dilemna” correctly. But only in recent years have I learned that the damn word is actually “dilemma.”
    So I try to keep my inner copy editor quiet around you, Cam. He escapes sometimes (and why is he so much faster than I am?), but you should know I try.

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  2. I am so relieved that there was no actual discussion of the impact of medieval British Fransciscan monks on critical thinking in the paragraph, or it would have been too perfect. This way it’s charmingly flawed in that it did all but one of the things it thirsts to be free of… 😀


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