Cattimothy House Presents! McEdifice – The Missing Chapter!

Oh my gosh and golly! A missing chapter form the amazing science-fiction epic McEdifice Returns? You betcha! But this time YOU GET TO BE CHISELED McEDIFICE!

Is their no genre, no form of cultural media that Timothy the Talking Cat can’t master? No! Except maybe knitting. Aside from knitting? No! With the knitting it’s both that the balls of wool are distracting and the needles don’t work with my little paws. Aside from that? I’d be a master of knitting also!

This time McEdifice comes to you in an amazing interactive computer game adventure! All your favourite characters are there:

  • Your favourite author/editor.
  • Straw Puppy
  • That photocopier person
  • The alien woman whose name I can’t remember how to spell
  • Betsy or whatever her name was

In a golorious pallet of several colours MCEDIFICE THE GAME:

Try it now or be really unpopular with your friends and peers.


14 thoughts on “Cattimothy House Presents! McEdifice – The Missing Chapter!

  1. I managed to rescue all my friends and blow up the planet of space vampires without ever getting the sword (?) in the upper right corner of the first screen. I feel vaguely disappointed.

    Yes, I have been drinking, but not enough to go back!


      1. “Yes both the sword and the potions do nothing. 🙂”

        “I have a current work in progress that I will reveal once completee(or once uncompleted because I got distracted by something else).”


        (was it the royal wedding?)

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    1. It took me a while to figure out the that the “S”s are magical transportation portals rather than chompers.


  2. It didn’t do anything for me except load up the first screen.

    But I have all sorts of settings and extensions so I expect one or more of them blocked my access. Same thing with the Hugo ballot, I couldn’t log in and had to use a generic one.

    Not going to do that today, as I am still catching up on making fun of wedding hats. Which followed making fun (live) of horse race hats.

    I live a full and rich life.

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