Loved Books: Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions by Martin Gardener

After the previous post I went hunting to see if I had still had this and amazingly I did! This was rescued from the school library when I was a teenager and they were throwing away some old books.

Unfortunately, I can’t claim much virtue here as a rescuer of unloved books because…oh dear…look at what I did:

I cut out some of the diagrams from the hexaflexagon chapter. May the book gods forgive me.

This is the UK Pelican edition of the first collection of Gardener’s columns from Scientific American.

14 thoughts on “Loved Books: Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions by Martin Gardener

  1. Martin was a great guy: I wrote him a couple of fan letters in the early 2000s, and got detailed replies apparently typed (on a typewriter) with pen and ink corrections from him.

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  2. Your school or public library didn’t have a photocopier you could have paid for copies of that? For shame.

    Most of his stuff was beyond me (I am not good at the logicing, or the geometricing) but Mr. lurker loved his columns in SciAm. He must have at least one book around here.

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    1. ansiblemag: Thank you for that reference by the way – I found it very useful, a few years back in identifying a Gardner book on Goodreads.

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      1. And a thrilling WordPress auto-response by email from “Camestros Felapton ” — “You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked your comment!” Because I am constantly commenting on blogs that I have never actually read.

        Not your fault, Camestros, but there may be some setting in there that could be usefully tweaked.


  3. “I cut out some of the diagrams from the hexaflexagon chapter.”
    That’s it, I am DONE with you and this blog. Done, I say!

    I actually have mixed feelings about this. We’re in the process of moving, and I’ve discovered a number of books that no one is going to use for anything but kindling (i.e., books on severely outdated software). I’ve toyed around with the idea of doing some kind of book sculpture, but the very idea feels sacrilegious to me. At the same time, I have to admit that it’s extremely unlikely that anyone will need or want what was (for instance) a very good book on VMware ESX written at least 12 years ago

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    1. We faced the same problem recently. Being non-arty, we had to settle for 1) the freebie table at the recycling center and 2) our own recycling bin for paperbacks and innards of hardbacks.

      It was difficult.

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  4. This book does look well-loved. I am glad you still had it when you went looking. It’s like meeting an old friend, a younger self. Books ❤

    I am in temporarily located in a town with a new-to-me used bookstore. I've been here ten days and have bought 17 books already. But two are for other people, so it's OK, right? Right.

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