Month: May 2018

  • Ad-Hominems & the Post-premodern Right

    This is a tangent from the last post that would have made it wander too far off topic. Firstly, I referred to Tommy Robinson as both a football hooligan and a fraudster. Both claims are easily substantiated but a fair question to ask is whether they are ad-hominem arguments. Yes, yes they are. However, the […]

  • The Alt-Right and Traditional Far Right

    If you wander through the comment sections of rightwing blogs, as I do, you probably will have noticed repeated references to free-speech in England or even the end of England itself. Lots of histrionics, lots of ranting about injustice. John C Wright has pronounced that “England has fallen”, and elsewhere our old pal Phantom is […]

  • A sort of notice I guess

    It has been brought to my attention that an author is claiming that they are considering legal action against me in the event of them being targetted in connection with attendance at a convention. The exact statement is a little hard to parse, but the author seems to be under the impression that I’m responsible […]

  • How big is a mob anyway?

    While I had more important things to post about today, I couldn’t let this post by Brad Torgersen go by without some comment. Having said that, this isn’t a Brad bashing piece. Rather, some of his comments got me thinking about some of the language we use (as well as touching on some questions about […]

  • Today’s Important Charts

    Star Wars movies title lengths by year: The long period of consensus on proper Star Wars movie title length has ended with a sharp decline. Neither Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure nor Ewoks: The Battle for Endor were included in the first graph as they were TV movies. However, including them implies the recent […]

  • Name Tools

    I’m blatantly stealing this from the comment section. There are various online tools that give frequencies of names in, particular countries. Two are (UK names) and (US names). Given that stories need names, these look like a fun resource. A game I’ve been playing with both is attempting to come up with plausible […]

  • Is Criticism of Jordan Peterson an Arts v Science thing?

    I think the answer is simply ‘no’, as is traditional for questions that are headlines. Still, I was pointed at this piece: Gill is a journalist/writer who writes opinion pieces for UK newspapers (The Times among others) and is sometimes a talking head on Sky News. Her recent blog post on Jordan Peterson starts: […]

  • Petty but still…WTF?

    As it didn’t look like Chris Chupik would be turning up after all, I finally went back to have a look at the comments at Sarah Hoyt‘s. jaynsand (who comments here and at File770) had decided to question some of the objectionable statements abouts genocide and ethnic cleansing. That was quite brave but perhaps futile. Then […]

  • Cattimothy House Security Policy Has Been Updated

    A message from our Legal and Compliance Department: Dear User/Subscriber/Stranger/Prisoner Due to the recent legislative changes in the European Union (a body not recognised by our founder and CEO, Timothy the Talking Cat), we have made several changes to our security policy. These changes affect the following categories of people: Subscribers to “Timothy’s Big Fun […]

  • Triceracopter Patrol

    It’s here! Yes, you can now be the mysterious “Tricercapoter” – the Dino-shaped aircraft defender of fungus town, home to fungus people and Susan the Triceratops. Who is triceracopter? Nobody knows but they will defend the skies and the people of Fungus Town! Special bonus Timothy the Talking Cat Easter Egg Level! (No actual […]

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