The Pirate version is now off Apple iBooks

The dodgy version has now been taken down. The nice person from iBooks support let me know but there has still been no reply from their legal team.

I think it is safe to assume that the iBooks store is riddled with similar pricey clones of free books.


19 thoughts on “The Pirate version is now off Apple iBooks

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      Irresistible sales pitch = “please enjoy this PRO BUCKAROO / ANTI VOID shirt and hoodie in all kinds of colors. it features shreiking pile of void crabs DOM TROMP as he oozes void tar from his eyes thank you”


  1. The fact that Apple profits from the piracy means that any efforts to clean up the mess will be slow, inefficient and only happen when Apples’ nose is well and truly rubbed in the mess.

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  2. My late father was senior counsel for a large manufacturing company. After their counsel has considered the matter for a minimum of six months, you may or may not receive an email. It will be carefully calibrated to give you the least amount of information possible, to deny that Apple is at fault in any way or in any way give you grounds to make any sort of legal action, and to subtly imply that perhaps the fault in the matter is your own. It will have the senior counsel’s signature block, but the senior counsel will not have written or read it.

    Unless it’s handled by an external firm, in which case the external firm will definitely send the email because they can bill for it.

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    1. I am willing to exert myself to act as middle man on your behalf in this important matter. Please remit funds to this address, including your banking information, and I stand prepared to make your dreams of owning this book at great expense come true. Do not delay!

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      1. @kiptw: LOL!

        This reminds me of the latest spam I got – it said I was sent a donation. A donation, I thought? So the Nigerian princes have stopped trying to get me to pay them to send me money – they’re just sending it directly? Great! (A friend at work was like, “Come on, forward us the e-mail so we can get donations too!”)


  3. An obscure title of mine, which to be fair is out of print, can be had a Amazon for $71.61. I have no idea why. I suspect shenanigans.


    1. Oh and as long as I’m talking about it, could someone who has the app please search ibooks to see if they have either OUTSIDE or A & A SALVAGE by me, Lucy Kemnitzer, too? I’m curious, seeing what our host discovered aboit his own work.


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