More Packet Pondering

Thank you for all the helpful suggestions so far. I did an initial run through 2017 and came back loaded with way too much stuff.

I’m thinking of a new plan. First compile a large collection of favourites from 2017 and then put that on Smashwords so people can download it in any format they like. That will be the “bumper” version. Then cut that compilation down to something a lot more readable with a focus just on a small number of things – that can be the concise version for the packet. The packet version can then have a link to the bumper version.

I liked that idea so much I then wasted the rest of the day making book covers.




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    • I, too, thought “Digest. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”


  1. I think that the entire first page of Camestros’ packet should be the list of alternate titles for Camestros’ packet. 😀

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