Month: Apr 2018

  • What to watch/rewatch before Infinity War

    Marvel’s Avenger’s Infinity War is a big film with a lot of characters and lots of assumptions about continuity. So what previous films do you need to see for the film to work? There are some very obvious films in the Marvel sequence you don’t need to see (the 2008 Hulk movie, probably Ant-Man, the […]

  • Sunday Beer: Pastor’ale

  • If Rabbits Fought Lobsters Who Would Win?

    If Rabbits Fought Lobsters Who Would Win?

    So, on average a rabbits weighs say 2 kg and I don’t know, maybe a lobster typically weighs 0.5 kg? Rabbits can be surprisingly aggressive but lobsters have a thick exoskeleton and claws. Obviously, rabbits can run away more easily but we haven’t determined where this conflict is occurring. Sure, a rabbit can adapt well […]

  • Somebody must have done this already, surely?

    A tribute to Captain America When Captain America grows his mighty beard All those who chose to oppose his beard are feared If he’s not had a shave but a shave is due Then the grey and the black and the brown hairs grow through When Captain America grows his mighty beard  

  • Tim’s Facial Hair Guide to Infinity War

    So, I’ve explained before that Timothy doesn’t distinguish human faces well. He is also confused by facial hair. OK strictly speaking he is confused by human skin, which he assumes is fur and hence is doubly confused by facial hair which he thinks is fur that is growing out of fur. Look, the main thing […]

  • Review: Marvel Infinity War Part 1 (limited spoilers)

    Ten years on from Iron Man and six years on from the first Avengers film, the big crowded finale of the Avengers has arrived. With a huge cast and an enormous roster of characters, the film picks a villain whose primary motivation is a pathological worry that the universe is too crowded. It’s almost too […]

  • It’s Krypto Fascists Versus Lyrics Again

    Sometimes a song stays at the top of the charts so long it seems to become a permanent fixture. For such a long time Elsa’s signature song “Let it Go” from Frozen was the song that the alt-right loved to hate, whether it was this blog’s go-to rabid Vox Day or this blog’s go-to pseudo-intellectual […]

  • Due to a Reality Storm Our Royal Coverage is Temporarily Suspended

    Tim got into the time machine again and accidently swapped place with Queen Victoria thus altering multiple generations of European royalty. (Now I can’t unsee this, sorry)

  • What’s in the spam folder?

    OK, first of all here is a rnadom picture so that when this autotweetedI don’t broadcast the spammer. And here’s what I found in the folder: I assume the whole thing is just to create links to website address I blurred out but the way the text suddenly breaks down into what looks like a […]

  • Loved Books

    A more pristine book today, which ironically has travelled less far than some. This was bought in a bookshop in the Upper Blue Mountains near Sydney (Leura? Wentworth Falls? I can’t remember – it was a day trip and I went to both places that day.) The Hunting of the Snark is the most distilled […]