Month: Mar 2018

  • Sunday Beer: Up Jumped the Devil – Hoppy Lager

    From Six Strings brewery

  • Review: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui – Sydney Theatre Company

    It’s Hugo Weaving’s voice more than anything that is discombobulating. Initially he uses a very broad Aussie accent for the Dockland gangster Arturo but as the play demands, his register shifts throughout to more polished and commanding tones as his grip on power becomes more complete. Bertolt Brecht’s original 1941 allegory about the rise of […]

  • Crunching Some Numbers on Voxopedia

    According to Vox D himself, his vanity encyclopedia has had a speed upgrade since my last post.  Now you can get out-of-date partially vandalised Wikipedia pages even quicker! A positive side to this (for me, if not for anybody else) is getting a recent changes log for more than three days no longer takes forever. […]

  • What a pile of w_nk

    I’m sure plenty of others are piling onto this piece of onanism in The Federalist: Men were made for violence. It’s part of why they were created. To protect the weak. To fight for themselves and for nations. To compete and to win. Actually – I apologise. Comparing it to mastrubation simply reinforces negative […]

  • Review: Black Lightning

    I know the various DC TV shows (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl etc) have some strong followings but there’s something about them that doesn’t pull me in. I think part of it is that they feel a bit old-fashioned or stuck in an uncanny valley that isn’t kids TV or sitcom or serious drama and they can’t […]

  • The Cat is a Harsh Mister – A Review

    With scincere apologies to the legacy of Robert A Heinlein. [Scene: the south drawing room, Felapton Towers] [Camestros Felapton] I think the decorators took the theme too literally… [Timothy the Talking Cat] You mean the paper floor and walls and the rough pencil sketches of furniture and windows? [CF] Yeahhhh [Timothy] You have to admit […]

  • The CLFA and other groups

    The Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance has pinged twice on my radar over the past few days. The first was in connection to the loss of reviews on Amazon by some rightwing authors (see here) and the second was the release of their nominees for their “Book of the Year Award 2018“. The ten nominees are mainly […]

  • Only a Few Hugo Hours Left!

  • Review: Annihilation (movie 2018 – Netflix)

    I am a big fan of Jeff Vandermeer’s Southern Reach trilogy. I like the mounting sense of personal disintegration as the primary source of both horror and release. The announcement of a film version of the first book Annihilation was intriguing. It certainly was a book that would gain from a visual expression of the […]

  • Some Links Relevant To the Thing

    The first courtesy of Jim Henley: Gun Culture And Wellness Culture Come From The Same Place Fear. Suspicion of established authority. A feeling of intense disempowerment. People turn to guns for the comforts that others get from oils and energy crystals. The second I saw in a tweet by N.K.Jemisin Why Are White […]