Month: Mar 2018

  • Ask A Dinosaur! – The Past of the Past

    If we consider Dinosaur fossils the coolest and hottest, what do (did?) dinosaurs like you consider to be the “Cool” fossils visible in your time? Paul Weimer Hi Paul! The answer, if you think about it, is…DINOSAURS! For somebody like me living in the age of wonders that was what you call the Cretaceous, the […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – Watch Your Figure!

    “I always get similies and metaphors mixed up and I’m not sure which is best to use in my writing.” Cynthia Doche Hi Cynthia Figurative language engages the imagination of your reader by making connections with their experiences, memories, senses and beliefs. Here are the basics: Simile – a thing is like another thing (but […]

  • Ask A Tricertaops! – Calendar Heresy

    I have had my attention called to the following, and I would like to know what you think about the egregious omission of there not having been a triceratops included in this venture. JJ Sorry JJ but….ewwww- lots of mammals. Ugh. Why couldn’t they have at least SOME non-mammals? Australia is home to many fine species. […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – Of Time & Manners

      Is it impolite to ask a dinosaur their age? Jack Lint Hi Jack! No, it is not impolite but don’t expect a useful answer! Dinosaurs live non-settled, low technology lives without farming or other activities that require close attention to the passage of time. That doesn’t mean we do not have the concept of […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! -Getting Horny!

    Some thorny horny questions from readers! I saw an article in the paper the other day, about how Triceratops horns were, it is now thought, used principally for display, in order to attract mates. Well, you’d know – is this true? (And, if larger horns are attractive to the opposite sex, how would a mammal […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – It’s All In The Tea!

    “I’m also told that the one true way SJWs dog whistle to one another is by putting tea-drinking in their stories sorry I mean “stories” is this true?” Delagar (in comments to Ask A Triceratops 7) I promised I’d get back to you with an answer to this question and here I am! Lots to […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – To Sleep, Perchance…

    Dear Susan, I keep on seeing people being wrong on the Internet, and have to correct them. I haven’t been to bed in 72 hours and I think my family just left, but they did it physically so I don’t have an opinion on that. Do I have a problem? Argumentively, Mark Thanks for the […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – Begin Again

    “I have a great idea for a novel but every time I try to write it down, I get stuck on the very first paragraph! What is the best way to start a novel?” Ove Ture Hi Ove, Thanks for writing in. I think you have two different problems here! One is how to start […]

  • Age of the Dinosaurs!

    Hi Cam’s regular readers! Susan Triceratops here, stepping in while he is away and stepping up with some editorial duties! This week is ‘Ask A Triceratops’ week. If you’ve got questions then put them in the comments!

  • Brief Hiatus

    I’m wandering internationally for a few days so blog posts may be erratic over the next week. I’ve hidden the keys to the blog, so hopefully, Timothy won’t stage a coup while I’m away.