Ask A Triceratops! – TTFN!


“Hi Susan.

This is Bob from Fungus Town. Are you coming back soon? A giant bird ate Simon. Also Triceracopter doesn’t seem to be around? Have you seen them anywhere? It is weird that you are both away at the same time? Hoping you might have bumped into them on your travels.
All the Best,
PS Cheryl says ‘Hi!’”

Hi Bob,
I’m just helping out a friend. I’ll be back soon. If I see Triceracopter I’ll tell them about Simon and the giant bird.

[2018 Folks: I’m heading off for the time being. Keep those questions coming in!]

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    • He’s a fungus person – so in one sense one of your descendants and in another sense a part of a whole other kingdom of living things.

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