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“What is the best pet for a writer to own?”
Brian Wilson

Sound question Brian!

Some popular choices include:

  • Micro-raptor – like owning a small flightless bird but beware! Do not own more than three as they can take down a much larger dinosaur when they hunt in teams.
  • Pterodactyl – don’t let those big wings put you off! They will happily roost on your roof and keep the local mammal vermin in check. Very low maintenance if you have a sufficiently large mammal population (which these days is most places!)
  • T-rex – OK you’ll need acreage and they are notoriously heavy drinkers but if you can afford the meat bill, they are a great muse for the aspiring writer. Best to have a tree on your property.
  • Aquatic reptile – if you have a lake or a Scottish loch, a plesiosaur will feed itself AND attract visitors. Open up a Bed & Breakfast as a side business for all the tourists eager to catch a sight of the mysterious ‘monster of the loch’. As a writer be sure to mine lots of material from your visitors’ anecdotes.
  • Protobadgers – sort of like a carnivorous wombat with badger colouring. Great as a guard dog and if you get bored of them, you can feed them to your pterodactyl.
  • Cat– no don’t, just don’t.

3 responses to “Ask A Triceratops! – We Make Good Pets”

  1. What about non-writers? I do have 3 cats currently. Lots of soft mammal fur and cuddles, and i never have rodent issues. On the other hand, I have to feed them and clean their litter boxes.

    I also have a bird-feeder to attract small flying dinosaurs to my window. Don’t worry – my cats can’t get outside to attack them.


    • It is that last point that worries me about cats. Cats see themselves as the natural predators of dinosaurs. They are fooling themselves but they honestly thing they could take on a titanosaur and win. Delusional furry pin cushion monsters IMHO.

      You know that cats regularly claim that THEY organised the comet collision that destroyed the dinosaurs right? Obvious nonsense but that is the kind of boasting they do. I’ve seen them try and pull that kind of BS on crows before (from a safe distance obviously) – teasing them about the whole extinction event.

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  2. I would caution that you choose the species of your pterodactyl carefully. You don’t want it to be bigger than your house. I saw an exhibit on pterodactyls at the same museum where Claude resides, and they do come in all sizes from mansion to tiny house. Some of them were the size of our current small flying dinos. A fish pond would be a good idea. I’d want the small ones to have a secure nest since they’ll be competing with the feathery flying dinos. A big one will probably just eat them.

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