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“If we lived in the future and we had teleporters and I wrote a story which had teleporters in it, would it still be science fiction?”
B.M. Upscotty

Maybe. Imagine you wrote your story as a 1960s story about teleporters. If you did it would still be like a science fiction story from that time and so it would still be a science fiction story in general.

It is not whether the technology exists or not that matters but whether you treat the technology as fictional.

Think about it. Dinosaurs existed but if you wrote a story about a dinosaur like me trying to make her way in the popular song writing industry of 1960s New York, your story would be science fictional EVEN THOUGH I REALLY DID THAT! Do you see?

OK, an easier one. Aliens visit Earth in secret – science fiction right? But what if it turns out aliens really have visited Earth in secret? Does any SF book dealing with that issue just become contemporary fiction?

Fiction isn’t fiction because it is false but because it does not HAVE to be true.

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  1. There’s a little-known photo of Susan in the Brill Building, posing with Carole King and Gerry Goffin. They had to cut it out of the musical of Carole’s life because people said it was “a bad cut and paste job, with no airbrushing or photoshopping or anything”.

    Even though everyone knows “I Feel the Earth Move” was inspired by Susan’s tread; Carole wrote it as a tribute to her friend who’d left the business by then. “You’ve Got A Friend” expresses Carole’s solidarity with all friendly vertebrates, even if one of them has moved on to the fungal future.

    True facts.


    • The origins of the lyrics was a polite note Carole left me asking me to not practising my dancing:
      “I feel the roof move under your feet, I think the ceiling is tumbling down. I feel floor start trembling when you dance around.”

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      • I’m glad you were able to form a friendship after that. She did have a point, those buildings really weren’t built sturdily enough for dinosaur dancing, and you know The Man would have blamed you if there was a collapse.


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