Ask A Triceratops! – A Villain With Class


Dear Susan: Is it okay if I make the T. Rex my villain? I don’t want to run afoul of the T-Rex agenda.

Also, do dinosaurs have class issues? If so, what are they?


Hello again Delagar!

Nice to hear from you again!

Dinosaurs are wonderfully open minded and have ZERO class prejudices. I personally am very open minded. Having said that, and without wanting to over generalise too much, theropods are awful (I’ll make an exception for birds out of dino-solidarity) and tyrannosaurids are the worst.

Traditionally T-rex is the antagonist in triceratopian literature but usually in a comedic role of drunken incompetence. This is because all T-rexes are stupid and drink too much.

But as I said, personally I have no prejudices and some of my former friends were theropods. I mean who doesn’t love a genial therizinosaurus with their goofy antics and natural sense of humour!


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  1. I am greatly enjoying Susan’s coup-de-blog, and not just when she answers my queries.


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